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City Council
11701 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, CO 80233


City of Northglenn Wards

City Council

Council Powers

Northglenn operates with a Council-Manager style of government. This means the city’s residents elect a governing body (known in Northglenn as City Council) that conducts the legislative functions of the city. In turn, the city manager executes the laws and administers the city’s government.

Some of the powers and responsibilities that City Council has include:
• Enacts local legislation
• Adopts the city’s budget
• Determines policies for the city
• Appoints the city manager
• Appoints the municipal judge
• Appoints members of city boards and commissions
• Represents the city on various area, regional and state boards and organizations


• Mayor Carol Dodge

Ward 1
• Meredith Leighty
• Jordan Sauers

Ward 2
Becky Brown
Joyce Downing

Ward 3
• Julie Duran Mullica
Marci Whitman

Ward 4
Antonio B. Esquibel
Jenny Willford

Council consists of nine members, including the mayor. Two councilmembers are elected from each of the city’s four wards, while the mayor is elected at large, by the general public.

Councilmembers are elected for four-year terms. Per Colorado state law, the mayor and councilmembers are limited to two consecutive terms in office, but may serve more than two terms if they are not continuous.

Council assumes office at the first meeting following certification results. At this meeting, a Mayor Pro Tem is selected and council appointments are made to various boards and commissions.


The city is divided into four contiguous wards. The wards should approximately have the same amount of voters to assure equal representation.


Council Appointments

• Mayor Pro Tem: Antonio B. Esquibel

• Adams 12 Five Star Board Liaison: Antonio B. Esquibel

• Business Relations Coordinator: Marci Whitman

• Colorado Municipal League Executive Board: Carol Dodge (elected position through CML)

• Colorado Municipal League Policy Committee: Jenny Willford

• Colorado Municipal League Policy Commitee Alternate: Carol Dodge

• Denver Regional Council of Governments Representative: Jordan Sauers

• Denver Regional Council of Governments Alternate Representative: Julie Duran Mullica

• Finance Committee: Carol Dodge, Becky Brown, Joyce Downing

• Historic Preservation Commission Ex-Officio: Jenny Willford

• Legislative Policy Committee: Jordan Sauers, Joyce Downing

• Metro North Chamber of Commerce Business & Government Affairs Committee Representative: Julie Duran Mullica

• North Area Transportation Alliance Representative: Julie Duran Mullica

• North Metro Fire Rescue District Board Liaison: Jordan Sauers

• Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation Liaison: Carol Dodge

• Northglenn Senior Organization Liaison: Carol Dodge

• Northglenn Urban Renewal Authority Representative: Becky Brown

• Outside Agency Funding Commitee: Becky Brown, Meredith Leighty, Joyce Downing

• Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Ex-Officio Member: Jenny Willford

• Parliamentarian: Becky Brown

• Performance Appraisal Committee Members: Carol Dodge, Marci Whitman, Joyce Downing

• Police Pension Board: Carol Dodge

• Planning Commission Ex-Officio Member: Joyce Downing

• Rangeview Library District Board Liaison: Marci Whitman

• Rocky Flats Stewardship Council Representative: Joyce Downing

• Youth Commission Ex-Officio Member: Meredith Leighty

• VALE Board Member: Joyce Downing

• VALE Board Alternate Member: Jordan Sauers

City of Northglenn
11701 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, CO 80233