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Diversity, Inclusivity and Social Equity Next Steps


City Commitment to Advancing Racial Equity

The city is well-positioned to discuss and identify next steps to advance racial equity. City Council’s vision for the community is:

Northglenn is a diverse and welcoming community that celebrates its small-town character, urban energy, and thriving businesses.

Council specifically identified “inclusivity” as one of four community values in their 2019-2023 Strategic Plan. Within this plan, City Council identified Diverse Community as a strategic priority. The goal definition for Diverse Community includes: Maintain and celebrate our diverse community.

Diversity, Inclusivity and Social Equity Board 
City Council has created a Diversity, Inclusivity and Social Equity Board. The purpose of this board is to:
  • Support City Council’s strategic focus on diversity and being a welcoming and inclusive city
  • Help create robust opportunities to listen to the community and use community feedback to inform future decision-making
  • Advise council about community concerns as it relates to diversity, inclusivity, and social equity and help council gain an understanding of different perspectives of community members
  • Recommend changes to council on policies that may unintentionally and negatively impact residents that are historically underrepresented
  • Advice council on other matters as it relates to diversity, inclusivity, and social equity.

The Board will be comprised of 11 members to include:
  • Two residents representing each of the four wards
  • One youth member at-large
  • Two at-large members that can either be a resident or a community member with strong ties to Northglenn
Applications will be open Aug. 11 to Sept. 4.

Diversity, Inclusivity and Social Equity Board Application

Council Items Related to the Diversity Board


Partnership with GARE

The City of Northglenn joined the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) in the fall of 2019 as a step to further the city’s efforts to advance racial equity. Information about GARE can be found here:

Following the murder of George Floyd, the city has received numerous requests for information about what the city is doing in response.  City Council is having robust conversations about the city’s next steps.  The city will update this page with engagement opportunities and information related to next steps.

Timeline of Actions
  • June 8 - Chief May provided Council with an update on training, use of force, and status of the 360 Assessment.
  • June 17 – Mayor Leighty, City Manager Geyer and Chief May held a Telephone Town Hall on public safety.
  • July 10 - The Police Department 360 Assessment was made available to the public. There is also  an online comment form for residents to give feedback and ask questions that were addressed at the July 29 telephone town hall.
  • July 15 - City Council directed staff to move forward with the creation of a Diversity, Inclusivity, and Social Equity Board. 
  • July 22 - Berry Dunn presented recommendations and findings to City Council in a study session. Council heard a presentation on the full report and also asked questions.
  • July 29 - A telephone town hall specifically focused on responding to community questions about the report.

Overall Next Steps…

Aug. 11 to Sept. 4– Northglenn residents are invited to apply for the city’s new Diversity, Inclusivity and Social Equity Board. Residents and community members interested in supporting these efforts in the city are encouraged to submit an application.

The board will support City Council’s strategic focus of diversity and use community feedback to inform future decision making to advance diversity, inclusivity and social equity in Northglenn.

To apply, you must be at least 16 years old and live in Northglenn or have strong community ties.

More details on the board coming soon!

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Rupa Venkatesh
Assistant to the City Manager