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Staffing & Operations Assessment

Berry, Dunn, McNeil and Parker, LLC, recently wrapped up a 360 assessment of the Northglenn Police Department. The process included input from different stakeholders and looked at all aspects of the department through the lens of industry best practices.

Review Final Report and Provide Feedback

September 2019: City Council directed staff to request proposals to conduct a 360 assessment of the Police Department staffing and operations.
November 2019:  Of eight firms that applied to conduct the assessment, Berry, Dunn, McNeil & Parker, LLC were considered to possess the most expertise and value for the project.
January 2020: The Staffing & Operation Assessment officially kicked-off.
February 2020: BerryDunn submitted the project work plan.
June 2020: The final report is scheduled to be complete later this month.
July 22, 2020: The final report was presented to City Council.

June 5, 2020 Statement
BerryDunn provided the following information related to current events:

“Recent events underscore the challenges involved in policing a diverse society. They bring to light the need for law enforcement to engage in policing practices that embody the principles of procedural justice, and actions and behaviors by officers that ensure fair, impartial, and respectful treatment for everyone.

When conducting an operational study—such as the one BerryDunn is undertaking for the City of Northglenn—policing strategies, specialized training, and operational standards and practices related to impartial policing and procedural justice are examined. Based on a review of the relevant data and information, BerryDunn found that the Northglenn Police Department has appropriate policies, procedures, and training in place with respect to impartial policing and procedural justice. Furthermore, during the course of the study, and based on the information available and reviewed, BerryDunn found no evidence of biased policing on the part of the Northglenn Police Department. In addition, the department has not received a single biased-based or impartial policing complaint in the past three years (the period of data BerryDunn requested).

The Northglenn Police Department is well respected by, and has an excellent relationship with, the community. This reputation seems to be, in part, the result of intentional efforts to engage the community and responsiveness to its needs. BerryDunn has observed that community engagement and relationships are strengths of the Northglenn Police Department, and these aspects of policing are critical cornerstones of a collaborative public safety environment. BerryDunn considers the relationship between the Northglenn Police Department and the community to be an excellent example of the type of outcome that can be produced through engaging a successful and collaborative community policing strategy.”

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