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Strategic Plan

The strategic plan guides daily operations, the annual budget process, and multi-year capital improvement planning.
This is a living document intended to be reevaluated each year based on City Council’s priorities, economic conditions, situational changes, and new opportunities. 

2024-2029 Strategic Plan
Work on the plan started March 16, 2024 with an all-day workshop led by a facilitator. City Council and staff leadership reviewed past work, worked on the city vision and set draft strategic priorities.

On April 4 & 5 the public is invited to give input on the draft priorities and vision.
strat plan 2024 public input

After the public input, the facilitator will incorporate all the work into a format for Council and Leadership Team to build upon. Their next work session is May 18. 

2019-2023 Strategic Plan

This strategic plan has about 190 objectives split into eight strategic areas:

  1. High-Performance Government
    Respect the city’s human and fiscal resources by delivering a high-performance government with a strong organizational culture.
  2. Community Engagement
    Invest in a sense of place and resident satisfaction with community engagement efforts.
  3. Public Safety
    Northglenn is a safe community to live, work, learn and play.
  4. Business Retention and Growth
    Cultivate and grow the quality and diversity of businesses to sustain the local economy and workforce.
  5. Housing Opportunities
    Curate the diversity of housing stock for all ages, socioeconomic demographics and family types, and increase investment in housing repairs and renovations.
  6. Diverse Community
    Maintain and celebrate our diverse community.
  7. Sustainability
    Increase environmental sustainability.
  8. Infrastructure
    Invest in Northglenn’s infrastructure to provide quality roads, trails, parks, city buildings, water and wastewater systems. 
2019-2023 Strategic Plan Documents