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Emergency Water Shut Off

Emergency Water Shut Off

Water Pouring Into Home

Emergency Water Shut Off

Major water leaks or plumbing repairs may require shutting off the water at your property. If this is necessary, call 303.450.8770 during business hours or 303.451.1289 after hours to request a water service shut off at the meter pit. It's important not to attempt to do this yourself, as you can be charged for any damage to the meter.

Once you have completed your repairs, call the same number and we will arrange to turn your water back on.

Some repairs may be completed by simply turning the water off at the shut-off valve inside the home. Typically, this valve is located in the basement or the lower level of your home in a fairly straight line from the meter pit. It's a good idea to flag the shut off valve or paint it a bright color for quick access in case of a water leak inside the home.

Water Main Break

Symptoms of a water main break may range from a decrease in water pressure all the way to water bubbling up out of the ground or pavement. If you suspect a water main break, please contact the city immediately at 303.451.1289.

Prompt repair of a water leak is to your benefit because as long as there is a leak, water is running through the meter and will cause your water bill to be higher. Also, it is important to repair any noticeable leaks to avoid water damage to your property.

While repairing a water main break, it is necessary for the city to excavate the pipe and shut off the water supply to that area for an hour or more. The city recognizes the inconvenience this causes and will make every effort to repair leaks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Any leaking that occurs within the boundary of your property (between the water meter and your house) is the responsibility of the homeowner and is repaired at the homeowner's expense.