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Cross-Connection and Backflow

Northglenn strives to keep the water flowing in the right direction at all times.  However, this is not always possible; that’s why we maintain a Cross-Connection Control Program.  

This program seeks to identify all existing cross-connections within the city's water distribution system.  Once a cross-connection has been identified, the city and property owner then protect the public water system from potential pollutants through the use of backflow prevention devices, assemblies and practices.

Any unwanted flow of used or non-potable (non-drinkable) water or substance from any domestic, industrial or institutional piping system into the pure, potable (drinkable) water distribution.

Any physical connection between a potable (drinkable) water supply and non-potable (non-drinkable) water, or other substance of unknown or unsafe quality.  Cross-connections can allow contamination or pollution of the public water supply as a result of backflow.

Cross-Connection for Business
Annual Inspections

As part of the city's Cross-Connection Control Program, the city conducts periodic inspections of commercial properties looking for potential risks to the water distribution system.   If the plumbing system inside of your building was built to code, these risks will be well-managed. However, older buildings that were built to previous codes may need to be brought up to current plumbing requirements.

Furthermore, all commercial, industrial and non-single family residences (townhomes and apartments) are required to have approved backflow devices installed and tested annually to stay in compliance with the City’s Cross Connection Control Program. All test reports must be submitted by a ABPA or ASSE certified tester on

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Backflow Prevention Specialist

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