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Water Construction Projects

Capital Improvement Projects or CIPs are important for improving, maintaining and developing the city’s water and wastewater facilities as well as its infrastructure.  Each year city staff develops a plan for CIPs to be accomplished during the coming year as well as plan for projects in upcoming years.

Water Treatment Solids Handling Improvements
Approximately 40 to 60 million gallons of water per year at the Water Treatment Facility is transferred to the Wastewater Treatment Plant for processing and return to the watershed.  With the implementation of a solids handling structure, at least 80% of that water will be recycled back into the drinking water treatment process.

Estimated Cost: $6,000,000
Project Duration: 3 years (2020-2023)

Water Infrastructure Replacement Program

Funds are set aside each year to replace sections of water distribution lines throughout the city.  Much of the city’s water infrastructure was installed in the 1960's and is beginning to show its age.  Replacement of water lines reduces the risk of water line breaks, emergency repairs and interrupted water service.
Estimated Cost: $250,000
Project Duration: Annually (no end date)


Kent Kisselman
Director of Public Works