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City Launching New Texting Service on May 8

Anyone Can Register Now!

The city will begin text notifications to mobile phones on May 8 through TextMyGov.

This is intended to keep residents informed on city happenings like street closures, water line breaks, upcoming events, council meetings, and more.

Don’t worry, if you receive an initial text from Northglenn 91896 and do not want the information coming to your phone, simply reply “stop." If you do not receive an initial text invitation, you may opt-in at any time.

What type of text messages would you like to receive?

  • General: Receive all text notifications the city sends out, including all the categories below. Text “Northglenn” to 91896.
  • Utilities: For notifications like road closures, water line breaks, construction projects, and trash services, text “Northglenn Utilities” to 91896.
  • City Council: For a heads up on council meetings, public hearings, and local government issues, text “Northglenn Council” to 91896.
  • Arts & Culture: Want to know about upcoming shows, auditions, exhibits, new public art and more? Text “Northglenn Arts” to 91896.
  • Recreation: Registration dates, program specials, closures and tourneys will be sent to those who text “Northglenn Rec” to 91896.
  • Events: Are you a fan of Food Truck Carnival, Pirate Fest, Dancing Through the Decades, and Summer Concerts/Movies? Text “Northglenn Events” to 91896 for reminders.

Again, whether you get the initial invite or opt-in to a specific list, you may text “stop” to opt-out at any time. Want more details? See

We hope you enjoy this new way to connect with your city!