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Mental Health Transitional Living Home Coming to Northglenn

The City learned the State plans a new use of the buildings at 11255 and 11275 Grant Drive. The State of Colorado Office of Civil & Forensic Mental Health plans to establish a Mental Health Transitional Living (MHTL) Home at this location. It is the City’s understanding that this facility will support individuals leaving a mental health facility to meet requirements of House Bill 22-1303 and some may be registered sex offenders. This property was previously a senior care facility. The property is owned by a trust and a contracted company will operate the facility on behalf of the State. There is more information about the facilities online:

April 12 Update

City of Northglenn staff members had a virtual meeting with State staff members today (April 12) regarding the Mental Health Transitional Living Home at 11255 and 11275 Grant Drive. Mayor Leighty also spoke with the State separately via phone.

The City is pleased the State agreed to respond to some of our community’s concerns. The facility will move forward, but the State has agreed:

  • Not to house sex offenders at the facility,
  • To indefinitely follow the 1,000-foot distance requirement from schools in Northglenn, and
  • To remove the porch lattice and work with neighbors on the installation of a taller fence behind the property.
Though this is a two-year pilot program that may consider different criteria after that time, the City is hopeful the State will honor their commitment to a community-involved process if any changes are planned.

“I am pleased the State agreed to address some of our community concerns regarding the Northglenn Mental Health Transitional Living Home,” shared Mayor Meredith Leighty. “Moving forward, I sincerely hope the State will work with other communities in a more transparent and proactive way on these new homes.”

The City is deeply appreciative of all the advocacy and support of so many regarding this issue, including elected officials and especially the neighborhood. Without these combined efforts, community safety concerns may not have been addressed.

April 9 Update
  • On April 8, City Council unanimously passed an emergency ordinance, CB-2022 Amending Prohibited Residency of Sex Offenders, prohibiting registered sex offenders from residing within 1000 feet of a school. Though the state is not required to follow this municipal ordinance, this change was made to (1) send a message the the City does not feel this location is appropriate to house sex offenders, and (2) if a state law is passed requiring MHTL Homes to follow municipal code, there can be no sex offenders at this location. Council also unanimously passed a resolution, CR-93 Opposing the Location of a Mental Health Transitional Living Home at 11255 & 11275 Grant Drive. View the meeting online. 
  • At this time there are no additional meetings scheduled regarding this topic.
  • The City and State are working on responses to the many questions asked on April 3; responses will be posted on this page later this week.
  • The City continues to reach out to the governor, state elected officials, and the state agency that oversees MHTL Homes to try and resolve the issues with the new facility, especially the housing of sex offenders. Residents may reach out as well. 
  • There has been no official communication from the State on any planned changes regarding the facility opening or registered sex offenders residing in the facility.
  • Residents in the area have formed a Facebook group called Northglenn Residents Against the New Facility Usage; please note the group is independent, not affiliated with the City. This group also informed the City they plan a second protest on Saturday, April 13 at 10 a.m. in front of the facility.
  • Any new developments will be shared on this webpage.
  • Scroll down if you would like to submit a comment or question about this issue.

April 4 Update
Thank you to the over 400 people who attended the public meeting at the rec center on April 3. A recording of the meeting is available online. Also, thank you to the State of Colorado elected officials and staff, Adams County elected officials, Thornton elected officials, and City of Northglenn elected officials and staff who were present to hear from the community about the Mental Health Transitional Living Home planned for Northglenn at 11255 and 11275 Grant Drive. 

At the end of the meeting, the Mayor Meredith Leighty recapped the position/requests from Northglenn to our State elected officials and staff:
  1. The City will continue to work on this issue.
  2. The majority of our community does not want the facility in this location. Many reasons were cited; the most mentioned include residential density; number of young families with children; proximity to schools, churches, parks, sports facilities, Boondocks, a liquor store and a marijuana shop.
  3. The majority of the community does not want sex offenders in this facility. 
  4. The City requested State Representative Jenny Willford continue to push forward the request for a late bill to amend the original House bill that led to this facility (click on the red button below to see the letter the City sent to State Leadership). 
  5. Mayor Leighty asked State Senator Faith Winter to join Rep. Willford's efforts on the late bill.
  6. The City will keep this web page updated with developments. Any significant decisions will also be communicated through the monthly Connection newsletter and social media.


If you did not have a chance to attend, or attended and did not have an opportunity to speak, please use the comment form below. All comments will be routed to City of Northglenn Council/Leadership, State Representative Jenny Willford, State Senator Faith Winter and the State of Colorado Office of Civil & Forensic Mental Health.

Background Information (March 2023)

There will soon be a new use of the buildings at 11255 and 11275 Grant Drive. This property was previously a senior care facility. The State of Colorado closed the facility in 2022 for violations. The property is owned by a trust and Cypress Cares is the group that will operate the facility on behalf of the State. The State of Colorado Office of Civil & Forensic Mental Health plans to establish a Mental Health Transitional Living (MHTL) Home at this location. It is the City’s understanding that this facility will support individuals leaving a mental health facility to meet requirements of House Bill 22-1303. There is more information about the facilities online:

There will be a community meeting that the City is hosting regarding this new use:

6:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 3
Northglenn Recreation Center Community Rooms 
1 E. Memorial Pkwy.
Northglenn, CO 80233
This meeting will be livestreamed: (and may also be viewed afterwards)

Elected officials, City staff, including police officers, will share what they know about the facility and answer questions if they are able. Colorado Department of Human Services staff and the contractors that will be running the facility will be in attendance to answer questions as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did the City of Northglenn have a role in this decision to shift to this use? Because it is a state facility, we have no authority over the change of use. We know that the state plans to establish 12 of these facilities throughout the Denver Metro area and the Northglenn location is the second facility.

Who will reside at the facility? This facility is for individuals leaving state mental health hospitals who have been evaluated and cleared for release into the community. The MHTL Homes will also serve individuals in the community who may need and would benefit from these services. The state has advised that it is intended to help persons transition from a mental health hospital to living independently and that there will be supervision, assigned case workers, and that those eligible for transitional living are not considered a threat to others or themselves. The facility will house persons managing severe mental illness, substance use disorders and more, and will include registered sex offenders.

Why is Northglenn informing residents about this facility? Northglenn has a local ordinance about proximity of registered sex offenders (750 feet from schools and 500 feet from any park, playground, licensed day care, recreation center or public swimming pool) and notification requirements regarding registered sex offenders. The state ensured these homes were in compliance with the City of Northglenn requirements. The City has measured distances to local schools, in-home daycares and trails, and while this facility is in compliance with Northglenn’s ordinance it is in close proximity to Stukey Elementary School. To provide transparency and dispel concerns the City felt it was important to inform the surrounding area of this new use, especially since some of the residents will be registered sex offenders and the facility is close to schools and playgrounds where children congregate.

When does the facility open? The state has informed us they plan to bring in residents in stages beginning mid-April.

What does this mean to me and my neighbors? Our hope is the planned use for the facility does not have an effect on the area that is any different than the previous use. However, keeping everyone informed of the new situation seemed a responsible action.

As with anywhere in Northglenn, if you see something suspicious, call the non-emergency police number, 303.288.1535. If you see a crime in progress, need to report a crime, there is a medical emergency, or some other urgent situation, call 911.

What can residents do? Residents have called the City asking what action they can take. The City is unaware of any formal process, but residents can make their voice heard at the meeting, and contact state elected officials and the agency directly if they wish (State Senator Faith Winter, State Representative Jenny Willford,