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Take Precautions Against Porch Pirates

Few things take the joy out of the holidays, but having your packages snatched from your doorstep is certainly one! Here are a few tips to prevent porch piracy:


  • Require signatures for your deliveries.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your package.
  • If available, have the package delivered to a store. Amazon has its own lockers where you can pick up your orders.
  • If allowed, have packages sent to your workplace – or to a friend or family member you know will be home.

Costs Money

  • Rent a post office box.
  • Purchase a door camera. Like a guard dog, it helps dissuade thieves just by its presence, and if someone is brazen enough to steal your package, they’ll be caught on camera. (And the police will be very interested in the video!)

If you believe your package has been stolen, first contact the shipping company and/or seller, as the package may still be en route. 

If you’ve confirmed that the package was delivered, report the theft at 303.288.1535 or at Police may respond with an increased presence in your area and alert the community.