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It's Getting Colder. Rats!

No, we aren’t upset about the weather, it's simply time to remind residents this is the time of year rodents are looking for a warm home. Since we have an abundance of parks, trails and open space in Northglenn, rodents are a natural part of our environment. In addition to the normal search for warm places to live, several ditch companies are cleaning out vegetation near ditches and canals, which may cause rodents to venture out more. Here are a few tips if you are having issues with mice or rats in your yard or home:

  • Pick up food and eliminate water sources (fallen fruit from fruit trees, birdseed, pet food & water dishes)
  • Cut down vegetation in and around your property
  • Remove debris, woodpiles, or anything that rodents may use as nesting sites
  • Increase outdoor lighting

Will the city get rid of mice/rats for me? No. Animal Control does not address rodent issues, and Neighborhood Services staff will only address rodent issues if it is related to a property and the root cause is a code violation. Our Parks team follows guidelines similar to what we recommend to residents and only manage rodent population if there is a health risk or overpopulation. Again, rodents are natural part of our habitat. However, if you encounter any animals acting out of the norm (like racoons out in the daytime, or animals that look sick), please report it so we can investigate.

Residents are responsible for dealing with nuisance critters on their own property. See this information from the Tri-County Health Department for a safe how-to guide. If your problem is severe, you may need to enlist the help of an pest control service; simply do an internet search for options. Also, please note if you catch a rodent in a trap it is fine to dispose of it in residential city garbage bins.