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Yards Still Need Care When Temps Drop

Content Courtesy CSU Extension

Even though fall and winter lead to a drop in temperatures, you shouldn't give your lawn the cold shoulder.

With dry air, low precipitation and little soil moisture, your trees, shrubs, perennials and lawns may be damaged without periodic watering. This is especially true for newly-established plants (less than two years old.)

During extended periods without snow cover, water one to two times a month.

In stark contrast to warm-weather watering, where it should be limited to the evening and early morning, water in the middle of the day when there's a chance it may freeze overnight. (If the temperature drops below 40 degrees, don't water until the weather heats up.)

Another good idea is to apply mulch around your trees and shrubs. This is crucial for new plantings. A 3-to-4-inch depth of mulch should suffice.

Mulch reduces surface evaporation, conserves precious soil moisture and allows water to better penetrate the ground. The mulch also helps keep the ground from freezing, which allows the roots more time to develop.

A benefit of organic mulch, such as wood or bark chips, is they improve the soil structure and the nutrients in the ground.

Pick Up Free Mulch

The Yard Waste Mulching Center has free mulch available to the general public and businesses, no I.D. required.  

Bring your own shovels, as the city does not provide tools for use.  City staff can help load mulch into trailers and pickups if a liability waiver is signed.

The center is inside the Maintenance & Operations Facility, 12301 Claude Court. Through November, the center is open every Friday, 11  a.m. to 2 p.m., and every Saturday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.