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Water Construction Projects

Water Construction Projects

Bulldozer Construction
Construction projects in the city fall under the Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

Capital Improvement Projects or CIPs are important for improving, maintaining and developing the city’s water and wastewater facilities. Each year, city staff develops a plan for CIPs that should be accomplished during the coming year, and also plan for projects that may need to occur in the future. Capital Improvement Projects are construction or infrastructure projects that cost more than $5,000 and can be depreciated in value over time.

Current Projects

Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

  • The city began work on treatment improvements at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2016. This project includes the addition of trash screening, additional clarification, odor control and improved metering, and a new operations and laboratory building. These improvements are essential to assisting the city meet state and federal regulations for wastewater treatment, and allow us to protect the environment by improving the quality of treated water returned to the South Platte River.
    Estimated Cost: $12.8 million

    Lift Station A Improvements

  • Lift Station A is a pump station that collects wastewater from the south side of the city and moves it into the 11-mile force main that sends sewage to the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. This aging structure is in need of repairs to improve capacity, system redundancy and replace aging pumps with new, more efficient pumps.
    Estimated Cost: $3,500,000 in 2018 and $25,000,000 in 2020

    Water Line Replacement Program

  • Funds are set aside each year to replace sections of water distribution lines throughout the city. Much of the city’s water infrastructure was installed in the 1960s and is beginning to show its age. Replacement of water lines reduces the risk of water line breaks, emergency repairs and interrupted water service.
    Estimated Cost: $250,000 is allocated each year for replacing water lines

    Terminal Reservoir Phase II

  • Following an emergency pipeline repair at the city’s Water Treatment Plant, it was determined that in order to continuously supply water to the plant, a second redundant line leading into the plant was necessary. This project will install a second delivery line to feed water from Standley Lake into the city’s Terminal Reservoir at the Water Treatment Plant. The project will begin in late 2017.
    Estimated Cost: $800,000

    Water Treatment Plant Improvements

  • Waste handling equipment will be installed at the Water Treatment Plant on 112th Avenue. As water is treated and made suitable for consumption, there is a waste byproduct. That waste is currently being sent through the city’s collection system to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. With the new equipment, the solids will be separated and sent to the landfill and the reclaimed water will be put back through the process and treated for residential and business use. It's estimated the improvements will conserve 30 million gallons of water annually.
    Estimated Cost: $300,000 in 2018 for design and $2,700,000 in 2019 for construction.

    Berthoud Pass Ditch Repairs

  • The Berthoud Pass Ditch system is a historical ditch located at 11,200 feet on Berthoud Pass to the west of Northglenn. This ditch is critical for delivering water to the city’s municipal system. This ditch was hand-dug and stone lined in the late 1800s. The age of this structure, along with increasing demands for improved water deliveries, require that repairs and improvements be made to this ditch system. Beginning in 2016, the city allocated CIP funds to make essential repairs and improvements to this structure.