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Start a New Business

Thank you for bringing your business to Northglenn. Going over this list will help streamline the new business approval process and make sure you have all the correct documentation for a successful opening.

You may not need approvals and permits from all the listed departments and agencies. If you have any questions, please use the related contact information or contact the city for guidance.


City of Northglenn

Economic Development Division

All businesses should contact the Economic Development Division before opening or relocating in Northglenn. We will help you connect with the right departments, answer your questions and provide a wide range of information on incentives, resources, demographics and more.

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Contact: Debbie Tuttle at or 303.450.8743 or Jill Mendoza at or 303-450-8938


Building Division

Building Permits – SAFEbuilt handles all building division services for the city and has a satellite office in City Hall.  Prior to making any modifications to the existing location – whether interior or exterior – you must get approval from the Building Division.  To obtain building permits call SAFEbuilt at 303-450-8745.

Certificate of Occupancy - Upon final inspection, a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) will be issued prior to opening the business.  To obtain a CO call SAFEbuilt at 303-450-8745.

Safety Inspection, Existing Commercial Space – When a change in use to an existing space occurs, a building permit is required.  For a safety inspection call SAFEbuilt 303-450-8745.



Planning and Development Division

Zoning & Land Use Approvals – The Planning and Development Division provides planning and zoning approval recommendations based on the zoning ordinances of the city.  Before selection of a commercial location for your business, contact the Planning and Development division to ensure that your business is eligible to open in the desired location. In some cases, the Development Review Committee or Planning Commission may need to give approval.

More information:

Contact:  303.450-8739


Signage Approvals –The Planning and Development Division is the primary contact for permanent and temporary signage needs.  A sign permit is required on all signage requests.

More information:

Contact: or 303-450-8739


Public Works Division

Industrial Pretreatment Questionnaire – Under EPA requirements, all new businesses (both home-based and storefront) must complete the questionnaire.  Depending on your business, further requirements may be necessary to comply with the city’s Municipal Code.

Contact: or 303-450-4026

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Right-of-Way (ROW) Permits – If you are doing work on a city easement or city property, please contact the city to see if a ROW permit is needed.

Contact: Terrie Pineda at or 303-450-8984

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Utility Connection – Is your building not connected to the water or sewer system? The city charges residential and non-residential customers to connect to the municipal system based on a formula described in Section 16-10-3(e) and Section 16-14-5 of the Municipal Code at

Contact: Terrie Pineda at or 303-450-8984

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Business Trash Removal – Businesses must contract out for trash removal with an independent provider. The city only picks up trash from residences. Please check with your property owner or management team, or with a commercial trash removal provider, to determine your options.


Business Licensing Division

All businesses must have a business license, including storefront, home-based and companies simply engaged in business in Northglenn. Applying for a business license early is important, as the licensing process takes approximately seven to 10 business days.  A business license can be obtained at

Please submit the following documents along with your Business License Application:

  • $15 processing fee by check or credit card
  • Legible copies of valid driver’s licenses for all owner(s), partners, etc. of the business
  • Copy of your State of Colorado sales tax license, if applicable
  • Any additional forms identified in the Business License Application
  • If you are a home-based business, you must complete a Home Occupation Agreement, located at
  • The application can be mailed or delivered to the City of Northglenn, 11701 Community Center Drive, Northglenn, CO 80233-8061.

Contact: or 303-450-8729.   

More information:


Sales and Use Tax Dvision

To learn more about the business tax rates in Northglenn, and the sales and use tax requirements and forms for your business visit

Contact: or 303-450-8729; F: 303-450-8708

Special Northglenn Permits


You Need This If…




You have coin operated amusement devices such as arcade games, pool tables, crane games, etc.


City Clerk’s Office

Lisa Andrews,


Guard Dog

You have a guard dog at your place of business.


City Clerk’s Office

(see above)

Door to Door Sales

You sell items door to door.


City Clerk’s Office

(see above)

Parks Permit

You sell items in a Northglenn park or open space area.


Parks and Rec Department

Belia Straushein,


Special Northglenn Licenses

Contact Lisa Andrews in the City Clerk Office at 303-450-8755 or for information on any of these licenses.


You Need This If…


Liquor License (License required from both the city and the state)

You sell or distribute any alcoholic beverages. and


Marijuana License (License required from both the city and the state)

You operate a medical or retail marijuana business. and


Massage Service License

You provide massage services solely by State of Colorado Certified Massage Therapists. Proof of certification is needed.



Massage Parlor License

You provide massage services with one or more persons who are not certified with the state as a massage therapist.



Non-Alcoholic Dance Club License

On a regular basis, you provide live or recorded music and a dance floor, but do not serve alcohol.


Pawn Broker License

You operate a pawn shop, offering secured loans with items of personal property used as collateral.


Admissions Tax License

You charge admission to your establishment for an event or performance.


Sexually-Oriented Business License

You operate a sexually-oriented business. See Section 11-54-1 of the city’s Municipal Code for a complete definition.



Other Agency Approvals

Fire Department

Before a storefront business opens, the North Metro Fire Rescue District (NMFRD) must inspect the building to make sure your space meets International Fire Code. They also conduct inspections during the construction, remodeling and operational stages of all commercial buildings. Requests for all inspections and acceptance testing of fire protection systems must be made and confirmed with the NMFRD Fire Prevention Division at least two business days in advance. Also, a safety inspection is required if the desired space has been vacant for more than six months.

Contact: or 720-887-8217

More Information:


State of Colorado

State of Colorado Sales Tax License – If your business sells goods, food or merchandise you will need a sales tax license, you must attach a copy of it to your Northglenn Business License Application. Apply for a state sales tax license in person or by mail with the Colorado Department of Revenue, 1375 Sherman St., Denver, CO, 80261.

Contact: Colorado Department of Revenue, 303-238-7378

More Information:


Enterprise Zone State Income Tax Credits – The majority of businesses are located in the State of Colorado’s enterprise zone.  In order to be eligible for various state income tax credits, it is very IMPORTANT to pre-certify in ADVANCE of making any equipment investments, hiring employees and other potential credits at

More information:


Hazardous Material Removal – If your business is moving into part or all of an existing structure, you may have hazardous materials present, such as asbestos or lead-based paint. Removal of this material must be done in accordance with federal and state law. Permits for the removal of hazardous material can be acquired at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. City building permits cannot be issued for impacted buildings until proof of cleanup has been received from the state.

Contact: or 303-692-3100

More information:


Health Department License – Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) is the government agency that oversees Colorado’s retail food establishment rules and regulations in Northglenn. If you are selling or serving food to the public, a license from TCHD is required.

Some exceptions include:

  • Coffee
  • Bottled or canned beverages
  • Pre-packaged non-potentially hazardous foods such as chips and candy
  • Non-potentially hazardous pastries and bagels that have been prepared in a approved facility.

TCHD also oversees day care and body art establishments, among others. Contact TCHD to see if your business needs to meet any of their requirements.

Contact: 303-452-9547

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City of Northglenn
11701 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, CO 80233