Clearing Snow From Sidewalks, Hydrants

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Clearing Snow From Sidewalks, Hydrants

According to Section 16-1 of the Municipal Code, sidewalks must be cleared of snow within 48 hours after the weather has cleared. Violations could mean a $100 fine for a first-time offense. This law applies for residential and commercial properties.

However, in the case of unusual or extraordinary weather circumstances, the city manager is authorized to provide an extension of a reasonable time in which to clear the snow and ice.

To protect public health and prevent accidents that can occur from deposits of winter snow on sidewalks and in roadways, residents and business owners are asked to pile snow on private property. Additionally, shoveling snow/ice onto public streets creates unsafe driving conditions which can cause delays in the city's snow plowing efforts and can increase the cost of snow removal.

Business owners or residents with a fire hydrant on or adjacent to their property are encouraged to remove snow from and around the hydrant. This allows hydrant visibility and fire department accessibility should an emergency situation occur.

Also, keep in mind that throughout the winter months snowplow crews will be out clearing roadways and streets during and after each snowfall. At this same time, residents and business owners will be clearing their driveways and property. Many times while this is going on, a snowplow can pass by and fill in the end of a freshly cleared private driveway with snow. This is not intentional and this winter time inconvenience can be minimized.

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