Spring a Perfect Time for Trimming Trees

Residents asked to keep streets and sidewalks clear of vegetation.

Spring is here, and now is the ideal time to prune overgrown vegetation that overhangs streets and sidewalks.

It’s important to keep streets and sidewalks clear of vegetation so pedestrian and vehicle traffic can use them safely.

Pruning as spring growth starts exposes fresh wounds for only a short time before new growth begins and the wounds seal.

Municipal Ordinance 9-11-29 states that it is unlawful and deemed a nuisance for the owner or occupant of private property to allow branches of trees, shrubs, bushes or any other plant material growing on property to:
• Overhang public streets in the first 14 feet of space above the street.
• Encroach upon public sidewalks or overhang the first 8 feet of space above public sidewalks.
• Overhang public rights-of-way in such a manner that the branches visually obstruct motorists' view of traffic signs and traffic signals.

Thank you for doing your part to keep our streets and sidewalks safe.

If you have any questions, please call Neighborhood Services at 303-280-7876.

City of Northglenn
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Northglenn, CO 80233