City to Update Zoning Codes

All Development Processes and Regulations Will Be in One Place

As a response to the changing needs of the community, the city is drafting a new code that will combine elements of traditional zoning and subdivision regulations into a modern, user-friendly document called a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).
The UDO will consolidate all zoning and development standards, processes and regulations into one place. This will streamline the development process, and make it easier for the public and the development community to use and understand the requirements.
The project will also update zoning districts and land uses, and improve the city's development standards.

What is Zoning – And Why Do Communities Zone?
Zoning helps you determine what and where you can build, and how the land can be used. Some standards commonly contained in zoning include setbacks from property lines, height of structures and standards for parking and landscaping. This helps the community by preserving property values and ensures that different land uses, such as public spaces, commercial zones and residential areas, are compatible with each other for a more efficient community; for example, separating houses and neighborhoods from areas of manufacturing when necessary.

Zoning History
Original development of the Northglenn Perl-Mack subdivisions started in 1959, and developed under Adams County’s Zoning Codes & Regulations. A few other locations predated this, such as the Deza Estates subdivision, and the “turn of the century” Stonehocker Farm.
In 1969, Northglenn became an official city, adopting its current codes and regulations in 1973. Ever since then, the code has been updated on an as-needed basis. This has created inconsistencies and awkward organization in some cases.

This UDO will update the city’s zoning districts, processes, land uses and regulations. It will also look at current developmental trends of the community that focus on infill and redevelopment as opposed to developing large vacant and undeveloped land.
Public input is important for this project.

For more information, as well as upcoming meetings relating to the UDO and other specific topics, go online to

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