Chickens and Bees Now Allowed in City

Regulations and applications for chicken and bee care are available at
Applications will be accepted starting May 24.

It’s official. On May 9, City Council voted to allow chickens and bees in Northglenn. The vote was published on May 19 as is required by City Charter, and the ordinance goes into effect five days after publication.

The city will start accepting applications starting May 24.

Whether or not to allow chickens and bees in the city first came to the attention of City Council during spring 2015. After a series of public forums and an online public survey designed to gauge interest, rules and regulations were studied and crafted for the city. And now, residential ownership of chickens and bees is allowed.
Those interested in ownership can download an information packet at To be a responsible chicken or bee owner, there are several considerations, including being considerate of your neighbors.

Information about licensing, maintenance, and rules and regulations about chicken and bee ownership is included in the packet, as well as a list of other resources.
A license is required for each residence that wants to own chickens or bees. A one-time fee of $25 must be submitted with the license application.
How to apply for a chicken or bee license:

1. Download the application at
2. If you need assistance, a license application can be completed with the Planning and Development Department. For an appointment please call 303-450-8739
3. Completed applications and the $25 fee are taken at the Building Division front desk in City Hall.

• Although the city allows chickens and bees, your HOA may not, and they have authority. Check with your HOA if you have a question.
• Chickens only, no roosters!
• Be thoughtful in your decision to keep chickens or bees. They are a big responsibility, requiring continued maintenance and care.
• And, if you do decide that chicken or bee ownership is right for you, enjoy them!

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