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New Rec Center Construction

Construction of the new recreation center, senior center and theatre is now complete! The facility opened on Saturday, October 9th, 2021 and is part of the larger Civic Center Master Plan.



12-Minute Tour

7-Minute Tour

The new 87,887-square-foot facility and surrounding area features:

  • 335-seat Parsons Theatre
  • Senior Center
  • Preschool, indoor playroom and outdoor tot lot
  • Gymnasium (basketball, volleyball, pickleball)
  • Locker rooms and private cabanas
  • Six-lane lap/competition swimming pool
  • Warm-water leisure pool
  • Water slide
  • Sun deck
  • Jogging track
  • Weight room, cardio equipment & group fitness studios
  • Catering kitchen
  • Party room
  • Multi-purpose and community rooms
  • Festival lawn for live music and outdoor movies
  • New Memorial Parkway
  • Plaza for the Veteran’s Memorial

The new facility is built directly west of the current City Hall, just east of Interstate 25.

New Recreation Center Photos

Construction has been expected to cost $54.6 million.
  • $42 million in certificates of participation (COPs) bonding by the city for the building
  • $11 million in bonding from the Northglenn Urban Renewal Authority (NURA) for the installation of public infrastructure
  • $1.5 million grant from Adams County Open Space for construction of the festival lawn and veteran's memorial plaza
  • $100,000 from a Science and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) grant for the installation of a commissioned art installation in the performing arts theatre lobby

The debt service to pay back the COPs will be paid from:
  • The 4 percent marijuana tax
  • 1/2 percent sales tax
  • Annual $1.7 million general fund transfer

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PDF New Northglenn Recreation Center Timeline




When the city began discussions for a new Civic Center Master Plan, the recurring message the public gave us was the desire for a new recreation center/senior center/theatre.

September 2017 – February 2018

Public input process for whether people would want a new facility, and if so, what would they like included in it.

October 2017 – April 2018

An advisory group made up of residents, patrons, staff and consultants, met to put together an initial plan for the size, scope and amenities for a possible new center.

April 9, 2018

City Council approves the final report and recommendations for the new facility.

October 2018

Council approves Barker Rinker Seacat as the design team.

Fall 2018 through 2019

Continued public and staff input collected that will be used to help craft a final design.

March 11, 2019

Council approved FCI Constructors as the general manager/general contractor.

March 18, 2019

Council accepted the schedule design, allowing the project to move into the design development phase.

September 2019
Oct. 28, 2019
Feb. 10, 2020

The new Northglenn Recreation Center will have an indoor play space for children and we asked the community to weigh in on the theme; voting closed Feb. 10. 
And the winner is...Outer Space! 

Outer Space received 90 of 242 votes. Under the Sea received 60, Jungle received 54, and Prehistoric received 38. Thank you to all that provided input!

outer space 

February 2020
The contractor for the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre is currently working on the building caissons and foundation. 
Approximately 30% of the caissons have been drilled and poured, and the first foundation walls were poured in February. Work on the caissons and foundation will continue for the next few weeks.  
Site grading and the stormwater detention pond construction is near completion and will be wrapped up in the next month. Utility infrastructure work (water, sewer, stormwater) is underway and will be ongoing through the spring.
April 2020

Water is an essential building block of life – and essential for building recreation centers, too.

Contractors have finished hooking up the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre to the water system and are working on connecting to the sanitary sewer line. This work will impact traffic on Community Center Drive and access to City Hall. 

Workers have now begun the masonry work, so passers-by can watch the building take shape for the foreseeable future.

Also, curbs and gutters have been placed on the southern parking lot and the future Memorial Parkway, which will connect Community Center Drive to the new center.

May 2020

Passers-by on Interstate 25 and Community Center Drive can now see the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre take shape.  

The mason continues to lay block, taking the construction of the building vertical. Both elevators, the gymnasium walls and theatre foundation walls are now visible.

Pool construction is underway, with the concrete slab and walls placed. Sanitary sewer work impacting access to City Hall is nearly complete. Currently, electric and gas utilities are being installed and will be finished by the end of June.


June 2020

The top elevation has been reached on all the walls of the gymnasium and one wall for the theatre of the New Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre. 

Crews began installing steel at the theatre site and the steel joists for the gymnasium in June. Placing steel will be an ongoing operation for the next few months.

Also, the seat walls have been formed at the Northglenn Veterans Memorial.


July 2020

Work is spread out through the new facility This includes masonry, placement of steel, and construction of the pool deck and leisure pool slab and walls. Joists in the future gymnasium have been placed and are now finished. Xcel is now on site completing electrical work and the new transformer. Along the future Memorial Parkway, crews are grading the dirt and cleaning up around the Northglenn Veterans Memorial.


August 2020

The full size and shape of the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre is becoming apparent to all. The contractor continues masonry work throughout the facility, and installation of the gymnasium roof is underway and will continue through the end of the month. Slabs have been placed for the pool and the foundation is being set for the preschoolers' outdoor play area. Just down the future Memorial Parkway, sidewalks and seat walls are being placed for the Northglenn Veterans Memorial.


September 2020

Progress shows every day on the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre.

Crews continue masonry and steel work throughout the 87,887-square-foot facility. They are also laying the foundation for the preschool outdoor play area. 

IMG_0309_emailCity and construction staff tour the future Parsons Theatre venue. 

IMG_7121_emailThe curves in the concrete outline the leisure pool. 

October 2020


The contractor has completed most of the roofing work on the Parsons Theatre and gymnasium, and steel joists have been placed over the pool. Below that on the pool deck, concrete stairs were installed for the water slide. Also, steel for the running track is going in. Outside, crews installed patio slabs next to the community room and senior center, and the exterior brick veneer is being placed around the building. If the weather holds up, the contractor will work on the remaining concrete and asphalt work over the next month.

Nov. 12, 2020
To celebrate the halfway point of construction, the city hosted a topping-out ceremony.

November 2020

In November, construction began on interior walls throughout the building. Work continues to progress on roof joists and decking. 

The underlayment for the exterior building skin was installed on the south end of the building, as was window framing. The outdoor patio for the Senior Center was poured on the southeast corner of the building. 

Now that grading for the roadway that loops around the building is complete, the final grading along Memorial Parkway and the Festival Lawn has picked back up. 

As the grading is completed, the last of the soil stockpile will be exported from the site and any remaining sidewalks and site concrete will be poured. 


December 2020

Construction for the new Northglenn Recreation Center reached a milestone with the placing of the final structural roofing beam. Now that the skeleton is in place, crews can focus on filling in the rest of the facility.

Fireproofing, painting and electrical work are spread out through the facility. Additional interior work continues for the pool, its mechanical rooms, the locker rooms and the preschool areas. For the new Parsons Theatre, the front of which is shown above, framing and drywall are on top of the bill.

Outside the facility, paving is finished on the west side of the building. Concrete work for the future Festival Lawn just west of the Northglenn Veterans Memorial will continue as weather permits.


January 2021




Attention is on every nook of the construction site as workers spread out through the facility.

Recently, crews have begun priming and painting the theatre. They have also started installing the elevator on the theatre side of the building; this work is expected to continue over the next few months.

Ductwork is being installed in the pool area. Once that is complete, the layout of the heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) mechanical equipment can begin.

On the exterior, concrete has been put in place at the south entry. Other major site improvements have wrapped up for the winter, with landscaping installation planned for this spring and summer.

Outside of the actual construction, staff is working on contracts for solar panels, furniture and other equipment.

February 2021


Despite the chilly weather, the sun shines on construction of the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre.

The theatre side of the building is progressing well with some finishes going in such as wall and floor tile, and even millwork in the green room and rehearsal room. Also, the elevator cab has been installed in this side of the building.

The joists in the pool area are being painted and will allow for the finish work on the concrete pool deck to begin next month.

On the exterior of the building, siding installation has started on the north face of the building, which can be seen by passers-by on Interstate 25.

Other major outdoor improvements have wrapped up for the winter months, with landscaping installation planned for this spring and summer.

The solar array subcontractor has been selected and has begun finalizing the design details and project scope. Staff is also weighing the costs and benefits of expanding the solar array.

March 2021

Now that the structural infrastructure of the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre is complete, attention is turning to the inside of the facility.

For the new Parsons Theatre, crews are installing the theatrical rigging systems, and tile is being put down in hallways and restrooms.

From the outside, you can see the large windows in place. Patrons in the fitness area will be able to look out over the future Festival Lawn. By the pool, cabanas have received their first coat of paint. Also, basketball hoops are being installed in the gymnasium.


April 2021
new_rec_center_tour_april_2021_IMG_0487 2_construction_email

No matter which area of the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre you’re in, someone is busy installing, painting, placing and preparing!

  • In the theatre area, the side walls have progressed well, and the rigging installation continues in the stage area. The theatre entrance now has a complete wood-look ceiling and the installation of the aluminum storefront has started.
  • Work has begun to install the ceiling grid in the hallways and community rooms.
  • In the preschool area, tile installation has started in the restrooms and the outdoor awnings over the windows are now in place.
  • The pool scaffolding has been removed and the finishing of the raw concrete edges has started.

The new facility, located behind City Hall just south of the current center, will offer 87,887 square feet of community benefits including swimming, fitness areas, preschool, arts & culture programming, classes, events and performances. Estimated finish is late 2021.

May 2021

Crews are starting to install some of the critical infrastructure and machinery for the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre.

• In the new Parsons Theatre, the rigging is nearing completion, the stage flooring is being laid, the seats are in place and the carpet is being installed.

• The concrete pool deck has been poured and tied into the drainage system.

• Tile is being installed in the locker rooms and around the perimeter of the pool.

• Heating and air conditioning units are ready for start-up.

• Installation has begun on the solar power array.

June 2021


It has been really exciting seeing the New Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre slowly rise up from a dirt lot into an 87,887-square-foot facility.

But what will really be exciting is when we can open the doors for everyone to come in – which we can say now should be in early October.

In the meantime, plenty of work is still to be done! Some of the installation in June included:

  • Site irrigation
  • Play structures at the preschool playground
  • New and relocated theatre equipment
  • Underlayment of the gymnasium floor
  • Outdoor tube slide for the pool
  • Also, the new pool is nearly ready for its final finish.


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