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Parks FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Rent a Pavilion in Order to Use it?
All pavilions are open to use on a first-come, first-served basis EXCEPT for the pavilions at E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park and Danahy Park. 

If a reservation has not been made for a pavilion at that park (they are posted at the respective pavilion), they are then open for use.

Rent a Pavilion Online
Do I Have to Rent a Playing Field in Order to Use it?
If an organized team wants to play on a field regularly, the field needs to be reserved. Intermittent or occasional drop-in games do not require a reservation. Call 303.450.8800 if you need to reserve a field.
What Should I Do if I See a Coyote?
If the coyote is not showing aggressive tendencies, scare it away with loud noises or throw sticks or stones in its direction. It’s better for everyone if coyotes are afraid of humans. If a coyote is showing overly aggressive behavior or attacking you or a small pet, call 911 immediately.
What Should I Do if I See a Broken Sprinkler in a City Park?
Call parks maintenance immediately at 303.280.7818 or 303.280.7810.
Is Alcohol Legal at City Parks?
Alcohol is only allowed in parks if the Liquor Licensing Authority issues a permit for it, and that is typically only for a special event.
Why are Some Trees Being Removed in Our Parks?
Trees removed from city parks have been damaged by weather-related causes, disease or vandalism, or they are old and have become hollow. These trees will not recover and will never look the same. Also, major limbs that are broken or damaged can create a hazard to the public now and in the future, so it is best to remove and replace these trees.
Will the City Replace Trees That Are Removed?
The city makes every attempt to replace the trees that are lost as budgets will allow and at the appropriate time of year.
What is Open Space Management?
The Northglenn Open Space Management Plan allows open space in Northglenn to be viewed as a whole rather than as several individual unrelated parcels. This view supports continuity in planning and management of open space as a collective resource. Each parcel was evaluated and examined to establish its unique position as open space and to determine what is appropriate in each area, what the neighbors want, and what the issues and opportunities are associated with each of the open spaces.
What is Being Done to Control Algae and Odor in the City Lakes?
City waters are regularly monitored for algae and odor, and treatments are made as needed to control both and keep them at acceptable levels. Aeration systems are in place at Croke Reservoir, Winburn Park, and Webster Lake to help control these problems. However, algae and odor are part of the natural aquatic environment.
When is the Best Time to Trim a Tree?
There really is not a "bad" time to trim a tree, just some times are better than others.

Winter is best, as the tree is dormant. Without the leaves it is easier to see what needs to be trimmed. Look for broken and dead branches or branches that are crossing and rubbing against each other.

Remember, the interior of the canopy needs air and light just like the outside, so clean out the small branches in the middle of the tree canopy.
I Saw Graffiti and/or Vandalism in a Park. Where Can I Report that?
If you see graffiti on any public area, call the Graffiti Hotline at 303.252.3849 or send us the details online.

If you see graffiti and/or vandalism in progress, call 303.288.1535
What is the City Doing About the Noxious Weeds in Open Spaces?
The city has enacted a Noxious Weed Management Plan to meet the regulations established by the state in the Noxious Weed Act. The plan stipulates that on any public property the city must implement measures to control noxious weeds.