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Eleanor M. Wyatt/Centennial Park

 After spending a day shopping at the Northglenn Marketplace, Eleanor M. Wyatt/Centennial Park is a perfect place to unwind and take a nice little stroll as you tour the city's sculpture garden.

Kennedy Drive &  Malley Drive
  • Acres: 2.66
  • Pavilion: No
  • Playground: No
  • Picnic Tables: No
  • Restrooms: No
  • Sculpture:
    • The Shaman
    • Windswept
    • Butterfly Tree
    • The Eye
    • See Though Other Eyes: Spotted Owl
    • Tires and Spokes
    • Butterfly
  • Sports Facilities: None
  • Other Features: 
    • Sculpture Garden
    • Rose Bed


The park was originally named the “Civic Gardens,” and was re-named after Eleanor M. Wyatt in 1981 for her contribution and dedication to the Northglenn Metropolitan Recreation District and the Northglenn Garden Club.

In dedication of the nation’s 200th anniversary and the state's 100th anniversary, a time capsule is buried in the park. The capsule is scheduled to be opened on Aug. 1, 2026, and then re-buried until July 4, 2076.

In 2016, a new sculpture garden was dedicated in the park.


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