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Speed Limits

Speeding is a critical issue to the safety of motorists, pedestrians and residents. 

City Speed Limits 

The city has the following speed limits throughout the city: 

  • Interstate 25: 55 MPH (decided by Federal Government) 
  • Major thoroughfares: 35-45 MPH (120th and 104th avenues, Huron Street, Washington Street, etc.; set by CDOT)
  • Neighborhood streets: 25 MPH (set by the City, based on engineering standards)

Speeding Enforcement 

The Northglenn Police Department has a Traffic Unit that is dedicated to the enforcement of traffic feeds and responding to traffic accidents.  

Responding to Speeding 

The city has three programs to address speeding concerns on residential streets.

  • Safety Sensitive Zones: Stretches of road in the city where fines for speeding are doubled, similar to school and construction zones. These were chosen due to known speeding issues and high traffic. 
  • Traffic Calming Program: Residents can ask the city to evaluate a certain stretch of street for speeding. If warranted, the city can place temporary or permanent measures based on engineering standards, funding and neighborhood input. 
  • No Need for Speed: Education-based approach that alerts local residents about speeding concerns in the area, complete with yard signs and street trailers that alert motorists of their driving speed. This program can be in conjunction with the Traffic Calming program.