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Tows and Impounds

Towed Vehicles
If your vehicle was towed due to a traffic accident, an arrest, a recovered steal or towed because it was illegally parked you may contact Red's Towing at 303.733.7809 to obtain information related to the release of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the impound lot located?
Red's Towing is located at 5702 Lipan St., Denver.  Red's Towing phone number is 303.733.7809.
How do I get my car out of impound?
Call Red's Towing at 303.733.7809 to confirm the vehicle is available for release.  If the vehicle is available for release the registered owner may respond to the impound lot located at  5702 Lipan St. Denver, with a valid photo ID.  If the owner is unable to respond they may authorize the release of the vehicle to another person.  That person will need to provide a notarized letter from the owner giving consent to pick up the vehicle.  A valid driver's license, registration and proof of insurance are required to drive a vehicle from the lot. All tow and impound fees must be paid prior to release of the vehicle.
How long can a car be parked on a public street?
Vehicles parked on a public street must be legally registered and operable. If a vehicle is left on a public roadway or property for more than 72 hours, without the owner's consent the vehicle can be towed.  To report an abandoned vehicle please submit a request with a picture of the vehicle and include the license plate number or call 303.288.1535 for Non-Emergency dispatch.

Emergency/Crime: 911
Non-Emergency: 303.288.1535
General Inquiry: 303.450.8892