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Register as a Sex Offender

Colorado Law requires persons convicted of certain sex crimes to register with the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction where they reside. 

Section 4-3-3.  Prohibitions.                                                                                                               A. It shall be unlawful for any Registered Sex Offender convicted of a felony or who has multiple convictions for offenses requiring registration to establish a permanent residence or temporary residence within one thousand (1,000) feet of any school, and five hundred (500) feet of any park, playground, licensed daycare center, recreation center or swimming pool (other than pools located at private, single-family residences), or any property located adjacent to any designated public or private school bus stop.
B. Persons otherwise subject to this Article who had established a residence which would be in violation of the distance requirements set forth in subsection (a) above on or before the effective date of the Ordinance from which this Section derives, are hereby exempted from the provisions set forth herein in relation to such residence.
C. It is unlawful to let or rent any portion of any property, place, structure, trailer or other vehicle with the knowledge that it will be used as a permanent or temporary residence by any person prohibited from establishing such permanent or temporary residence pursuant to this Article.
Section 4-3-4.  Exceptions.                                                                                                          A person is not guilty of a violation of this Section if:                                                                                                        A. The person established the permanent or temporary residence prior to the effective date of this Article; provided, however, that this exception shall not apply if the person committed the offense, for which registration under the Colorado Sex Offender Registration Act is required, after the effective date of this Article;
B. The person is placed in the residence pursuant to a State of Colorado foster care program; or      C. The school, designated public or private school bus stop, walk-to-school route, licensed day care center, park, playground, swimming pool, recreational trail or recreation center was opened after the person established the permanent or temporary residence, and is not replacing an existing school, designated public or private school bus stop, licensed day care center, park, playground, swimming pool, or recreation center.

The Northglenn Police Department will now accept sex offender registrations on Mondays and Thursdays by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  For more information about changes to our sex offender registration process please read the notification letter mailed out to registrants.

Please read the advisement here stating that "law enforcement would never call and require you to pay fines over the phone or ask you to fax registration paperwork to them."  If this should happen it may be a scam.

Telephone Scam Targeting Registered Sex Offenders

Registrants must provide:

Yearly/birthday registrations must be completed prior to the registrant’s birthday.

The automated sex offender registration line is 303.450.8881. This registration line outlines requirements for registering with the Police Department, and has an option to leave a message for a return phone call.

IMPORTANT:  You must fill out the Colorado Sex Offender Registration form , the Colorado Notice to Register form , the Northglenn Sex Offender Registration Information fee form , and the  Northglenn Sex Offender Registration form prior to your appointment. Please print the completed form and bring it with you.