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Investigations Division

Commander Ron Osgood
Commander Ron Osgood started his law enforcement career with the Police Department in 1992.

Officer 1992-2002
Sergeant 2002-2008
Lieutenant Commander 2008-2012
Commander 2012-current

Prior to becoming a police officer, Commander Osgood served in the U.S. Marines for four years.

Investigations Sergeant Brandon Hipp

The Investigations Division is responsible for:

• Internet Crimes Against Children
• Child Pornography
• Homicide/Death Investigation
• Sexual Assault
Contact Detective Paul Gesi

• Homicide/Death Investigation
• Sex Offender Coordinator
• Sexual Assault
Contact Detective Jean Mahan

• Senior Liaison
• Economic Crimes
• Fraud/Forgeries
• Crimes Against the Elderly
• Arson
• Apartment Manager Coordinator
Detective Terrie Hoodak

Detective Rod Windholz

Detective Rick Williams

Detective Dan Burkhalter

Detective Jackie Spresser

Peace officer-involved shooting investigations protocol
Critical Incident Investigation Team

Katie Patterson

Property/Evidence Custodian
Paige Nielsen

Chandra, Kercheval

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Commander Osgood