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Partners in Energy

City of Northglenn Energy Action Plan

The City of Northglenn recently developed an Energy Action Plan that outlines tangible steps for the community to move toward its energy efficiency and resiliency goals. Xcel Energy Partners in Energy facilitated a series of workshops with City staff, community members, and local businesses to develop this plan.  

Our Energy Vision

The Northglenn community will conserve its resources and promote sustainability through energy awareness, renewable sources, and collaboration to provide an exceptional quality of life and resilient future for residents and businesses.


By reaching this plan’s near-term targets, we will:
PiE Impact

*EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, (2019)

How Northglenn Residents Can Get Involved

  1. Check out this virtual Home Energy Efficiency Workshop that Xcel Energy did with Northglenn residents! Learn about DIY energy savings projects and how to save money on your energy bills through Xcel Energy programs.
  2. Sign up for these energy efficiency programs and rebates available from Xcel Energy!

Home Energy Squad®

Home Energy Squad offers multiple options to meet your needs. Sign up for a FREE virtual visit to receive expert advice through video-chat and a DIY kit shipped to your door. Or for just $50, choose an in-home Home Energy Squad visit to have them come to your home and make it more efficient. If you’re interested in a home audit report in addition to the free efficiency products, sign up for a Home Energy Squad Plus for just $150. Learn more and sign up at

Refrigerator Recycling
Get paid to recycle your old, still-functional fridge or freezer. Through Xcel Energy’s refrigerator/freezer recycling program, a tech will come to your home, pick it up the unit, and recycle it and you’ll earn a cool $50! Make an appointment at

AC Rewards
A smart thermostat provides an easy and convenient way to manage your home's heating and cooling comfort, as well as costs. Enroll in AC Rewards at and earn $25 every year you participate in the program.

Heating and Cooling Rebates
There are lots of options for saving money on your heating and cooling costs. Rebates include equipment upgrades and insulation improvements. Visit to see which option fits your needs.

3. Get Involved in renewable energy!

Windsource allows customers to get more or all of their energy from renewable sources. Subscriptions are added right to your Xcel Energy bill and are available in 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks for the small additional premium of $1.50 per block. For an average home, that would total just $12/month to be 100% Windsource-powered. Learn more and sign up at

Solar® Rewards
Solar*Rewards® is your opportunity to receive credit for solar at your home. Monthly energy use is offset by solar and you’ll receive credit on your bill for solar energy produced. Learn more at

How Northglenn Businesses Can Get Involved

Sign up for a business energy assessment

Take the guesswork out of sustainability with FREE support from Xcel Energy! The assessments will help you understand your business’ energy use and provide energy efficiency opportunities that can help reduce utility bills and maintenance costs. They’ll also help you identify available rebates, connect with contractors, and provide information on financing larger projects.

Not a small business? Xcel Energy offers a suite of assessments to fit your needs. Learn more at

Equipment Rebates

Xcel Energy offers a number of programs that help improve your lighting and equipment. See which options fit your needs at


Solar*Rewards® is your opportunity to receive credit for solar at your business. Monthly energy use is offset by solar and you’ll receive credit on your bill for solar energy produced. Learn more at

Ward Challenge

Congrats to Ward 4! This area of Northglenn saved the most energy during 2021. A celebration funded by Xcel Partners in Energy was held at Cinzetti's in May 2022.