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Karl's Farm Development Project

One of the last remaining undeveloped parcels of land in Northglenn, Karl's Farm will soon become its newest neighborhood.

Karl's Farm Reimagined

The Karl’s Farm Master Plan is an amendment to the city’s Comprehensive Plan that was adopted in 2016.

The vision of the Karl’s Farm development is to create a new neighborhood village that reflects the important agricultural and historical heritage of the farm, as well as its role in the growth of the local community.

Assuming near-term development will occur, the city would like to maximize the property’s development potential, ensure a sense of place, and reflect the Hinkhouse family’s values and interests. The following are guiding principles that summarize the city’s interests:
  • Diversify housing
  • Leverage retail potential on 120th Avenue
  • Preserve certain landmarks and/or heritage traits that are inherent to its agricultural history
  • Build transit-supportive development
  • Create a sense of place

Future development should incorporate the classic “placemaking” attributes, including the following:

  • Housing for various stages of life
  • Connections that promote access to all forms of transport
  • Open areas for recreation and a connection to nature
  • Development character that reflects a common aesthetic and helps memorialize the heritage of activities that once occurred on the property
  • Maximize the development opportunities provided by the area’s proximity to the FasTracks Eastlake Station

Karl's Farm Video

The Karl’s Farm property is located in the northeast portion of Northglenn, just to the south and west of the RTD Eastlake at 124th Station. The property is bounded on the south by 120th Avenue, on the east by Race Street, on the north by City of Thornton property (formerly Eastlake Reservoir #1), and on the west by the City of Thornton city limits.

Karls Farm Plan Map

The project will be funded by the private development community through the land use application and entitlement process.

Construction of residential buildings will begin soon.

  • The Karl’s Farm Master Plan was adopted by City Council on Nov. 14, 2017. 
  • February 2019 – Council approved a plan for residences to fill the northern 32 acres of the 64-acre site.
  • April 8, 2019 –  Council approved the Karl's Farm Preliminary Planned Development. This established the zoning of the property for the upcoming development.
  • July 2020 – The Karl's Farm Development team recently closed on a transaction to transfer ownership of portions of the Karl's Farm site to Richmond American Homes and Meritage Homes. These residential developers will be constructing their neighborhoods on the northern side of the Karl's Farm property. Demolition of the existing structures on the site and regrading of the property is currently moving forward.
  • Oct. 26, 2020 - Council approved measures allowing for the future construction of a new apartment complex.

Karl's Farm Photos


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