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Radar Trailer


The radar trailer was purchased through a grant from the VALE board and the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association of Northglenn (CPAAAN) manages the trailer. CPAAAN’s duties regarding the trailer consist of placing the radar trailer in the designated areas for the police department and then retrieving the trailer at the end of each day. The radar trailer allows the Northglenn Police Department the opportunity to evaluate the speeds of vehicles in a certain area, and displays the speeds on an exterior screen.

The radar trailer also records the traffic speeds and stores it on a computer chip. Officers at the end of the day extract the data and store it into a system. This grants the officers the opportunity to make an educated decision on when and where to set up traffic enforcement.

Any resident of Northglenn can request for the radar trailer to be placed in a specific location, they just need to fill out the online form on the left sidebar. The Northglenn Police Department will bring the trailer to your neighborhood the next available day.