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Building FAQ

Questions for the Building Division in Northglenn

Who Do I Contact for Building Permits and Questions?
The Building Division is open weekdays 8 :30 AM to 4:30 PM, except holidays. Call 303.450.8745 to speak with a SAFEbuilt staff person. SAFEbuilt performs building division services for the city.
How Do I Get to the Northglenn Building Division?
The Building Division is located within City Hall, 11701 Community Center Drive, to the southeast of 120th Avenue and Interstate 25.
Do I Need a Building Permit for My Project?
Most construction projects require building permits and inspections to verify compliance with building codes and zoning regulations.
How Much Will My Permit Cost?
Permit fees are based on the total value or cost of the project. The applicant provides this information on the permit forms at the time of submittal. Use tax is also charged on the value of the materials, which is assumed to be 50 percent of the total cost of the job.
What Plans Do I Need for a Permit?
For typical homeowner projects, two sets of plans are required. Each set of plans should include a site plan, a floor plan, and if needed, a section view. The site plan shows where the proposed construction will be located on the property, including lot dimensions and all existing structures. A floor plan shows the use of the space, any framing proposed, and its dimensions. A section view shows how the structure is attached to the existing building.
How Do I Avoid Paying Taxes Twice on My Project Materials?
The city collects use tax on building materials at the time of building permit issuance. For use tax purposes, 50 percent of the total project valuation is assumed to be materials with the balance being labor. When purchasing materials for the project, show the building permit payment receipt to the supplier or retail home center. The supplier should not charge any city sales tax since the Northglenn use tax has been collected. You will still be required to pay county, state, and RTD taxes when you purchase materials. Questions regarding use tax or use tax audits can be answered by the Sales and Use Tax Division in the city's Finance Department at 303.450.8729.  
Use Tax = total valuation x 50 percent x 4 percent.
Do I Need a Contractor's License to Get a Permit?
A homeowner getting a permit for his/her dwelling does not require a contractor's license. If a homeowner hires a contractor for any type of construction on a home, the contractor is required to be licensed with the city. The contractor is responsible for obtaining all required permits and inspections. Homeowners should verify that the necessary permits have been issued and inspections completed by contacting the Building Division at 303.450.8745.
What Happens if I Don't Get a Permit?
If the entire project is completed - for example, a deck or basement finish - the homeowner remains responsible for obtaining the proper permits and inspections. In some cases, this may mean removal of wall coverings to check concealed work. Homeowners should also contact their insurance company to verify that the new work will still be covered if no permit has been obtained. Often a completed project is not caught until a prospective buyer or private home inspector checks with the Building Division or a disaster occurs.
Can I Do All the Electrical and Plumbing Work on My Own Home?
In most instances, homeowners may do all the work on their own home with a permit.
However, a licensed professional must do the work when:
     • The home is intended for immediate sale or resale
     • The home is a rental property which is to be occupied by tenants.
How Close Can I Build to My Property Line?
All structures (houses, garages, sheds, decks, pools, spas, patio covers, gazebos, fences, additions, etc.) are required to be located a certain distance away from all property lines on your lot. This distance varies with both the type of structure and the zoning of your neighborhood. Straight zoning (usually older neighborhoods) has regulations adopted by ordinance in the Municipal Code (Chapter 11, Zoning Ordinance). Newer subdivisions have PUD (Planned Unit Development) zoning, which has regulations unique to each subdivision's filing adopted through the development plan process.

Typically, all structures shall be at least 3 to 5 feet away from the side property lines, and could be required to be set back even greater distances. Accessory (detached) structures shall be at least 5 to 10 feet away from the rear property line depending on the placement of the structure on the lot and the subdivision requirements. Corner lots typically have a 25-foot side setback. Room additions in most of the older neighborhoods are required to be a minimum of 20 feet from the rear property line, but could also change according to zoning requirements. There may also be utility or drainage easements in various locations on your lot that restrict the placement of any structure.  

For correct setback information in all zoning districts, please call the Planning Division at 303.450.8739.
What Inspections Do I Need for My Project?
The simplest answer is that the inspectors need to check all work before it is concealed by the next phase of construction. The Building Division will also explain the inspections you need when you are issued the building permit. Some permits may include inspections on setback, foundation, all roughs (including framing, electrical, mechanical and plumbing), insulation, drywall/screw, and final. Please call us with any questions at 303.450.8745.
How Do I Call for an Inspection?
Call our inspection line at 303.450.8748 (this number is on your permit as well). If you call the number prior to 4 p.m., the inspection will be scheduled for the following work day. Please leave a message with your address, permit number, type of inspection, and telephone number when you call for your inspection.
What Time Will I Get My Inspection?
Our inspectors receive their assignments in the morning and determine the most efficient route for the day prior to leaving the office. Your inspection could be any time between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. depending on the number of inspections scheduled for that day.

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