Street Sweeping

Contact Information: 

Call 303-450-4001 for questions, concerns or more information.

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping Schedule

All city streets are routinely swept in the spring and fall. Tentative plans for this year will be May and October. In addition, streets are swept after every storm event that requires the application of sand.

How Does It Work

A small amount of water is sprayed onto the street to control the dust that is generated during sweeping. The actual street cleaning is accomplished by use of a large brush that forces particles and debris out of the pavement where they are picked up by a conveyor belt and placed in the truck's hopper for disposal.


• Improves aesthetics of the community
• Decreases the amount of air-borne pollutants
• Protects water quality
• Improves respiratory health

Do Your Part

• Prune tree branches to at least 14 feet above the street so the sweeper won't have to swerve around them
• Place yard debris in the trash rather than sweeping it into the street
• Consider using leaves and grass clippings as compost or mulch
• Comply with the "No Parking" restrictions during neighborhood sweeping

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