The city is responsible for 250 miles of streets. That includes maintenance of the asphalt, signs and signals, and if necessary, street sweeping and snow plowing, which is is overseen by the city's Public Works Department.

Street work that costs more than $25,000 falls under Capital Improvement Projects, and must be approved by City Council.

Who to Call?

Call 303.450.4001 for:
• Potholes
• Plowing
• Sweeping
• Sign Maintenance
• Sidewalk Light Outages

Call 303.450.8984 for:
• Traffic Signal Issues
• Parking Permits
• Street Paving and Construction
• Sidewalk Paving and Construction

Call 303.288.1535 for a traffic hazard after hours.

City of Northglenn
11701 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, CO 80233