Snow and Ice

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Beneath all this snow is the brick sign for Northglenn City Hall. Everyone has to be ready for weather like this in Northglenn during the winter.

Snow and Ice

Colorado's unpredictable weather means a winter snowstorm can quickly move through our city when we least expect. Throughout the snow season, the city of Northglenn will provide information about snow removal efforts as they relate to weather forecasts and conditions. Also, we will provide updates when we experience longer storms.

The city's snow removal plan is based on traffic volume. The plan focuses on clearing streets that have the highest traffic volume. Plowing these streets will have the greatest impact on traffic volume for the majority of commuters traveling throughout the community. The snow removal plan also includes storm classification, which identifies the type of storm, and dictates the course of action and impact to our roadways.

Based on this, street clearing prioritizing and storm classification procedures were established. If you would like to subscribe to the city's snowstorm e-mail alerts, please click on the link below.

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