Why Shop Local

Why Shop Local

When you shop at Northglenn’s fantastic businesses, your shopping dollar recirculates in the community, which helps provide jobs for the community.

Shopping local also means that the sales tax money collected helps fund the city’s various services like the Police Department, street repair, and parks. You have a choice where to shop, so make a choice that makes a real difference in the community.

Northglenn has a variety of businesses that offer a wide range of goods and services. You can find something for everyone on your holiday list.

Five Reasons to Spend Your Money in Northglenn:
• Local businesses create jobs and invest money in our community, which grows the local economy.
• Local business owners have a vested interest in the area, so they are more engaged in the community.
• You are voting with your dollars to say, “Hey, I like this place and the neighborhood wouldn’t be the same without it.”
• Northglenn’s 4% sales tax collected from local businesses amounts to over $15.8 million annually. These funds are reinvested into the community through city services including streets, parks, water and sewer, police protection and more!
• The experience at neighborhood establishments is completely unique – providing the local flavor of the area.
Remember to shop Northglenn first this holiday season and throughout the year.

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