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Park Ranger

Park Rangers are the stewards of Northglenn’s parks and trails, providing education, programs and enforcement to promote their longstanding viability and appreciation by users.

We desire park patrons to recognize that our city parks and open spaces are a true urban wilderness. There are entire ecosystems that we can explore, engage in and protect right here in Northglenn.
Karen Keeney, Park Ranger

Northglenn Park Ranger Photo Page


The Park Ranger program manages the following programs in the city:

  • Informational Kiosks (Self-Guided Tours) at Croke Reservoir and E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park
    • Previous Tours have included: Fowl Play (common Northglenn birds), World Wildlife Day (common Flora & Fauna to Northglenn), What's the Catch?! (fish that are stocked in Croke and Webster Lakes), Snakes! (common Northglenn snakes)
  • Youth and Adult Educational Program featuring the following topics:
    • Leave No Trace
    • Water Quality
    • Weather 
    • Insects (Insects Vs Bugs, Insect Defense Systems, Pollinators)
    • Owls, with Pellet Dissection 
    • Birding
    • Tree Identification
    • Tracks and Scat
    • Nature Journaling, Nature Art 
    • Survival Skills: Water Filtration, Knot Tying, First-Aid, Orienteering

Programs and Events

  • World Ranger Day, July 31st - Our Ranger team celebrated with other area rangers from Adams County Open Space, Commerce City and CPW! Check out how they geared up for the day!
World Ranger Day-wADCOrangers
  • State of the City: Thursday, July 20th, Ranger Booth Event, Festival Lawn
  • Month of July 2023: National Parks and Recreation Month-Help Build Our Rock Snakes! (Rock Snakes and Self-Guided Kiosk Snakes Tour at EB Rains Jr Memorial Park and Croke Reservoir)
  • Live Goat Encounter: Sun., April 30, 12-4 p.m., Northwest Open Space

Karen Keeney
Lead Park Ranger, 
BLS, NAI-Certified Interpretive Guide,
WID-ANS Inspector,
Leave No Trace – Master Educator

Megan Wells
Park Ranger

Yuki Stayer
Seasonal Park Ranger