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Chapter 16

Article 16-1. Streets and Sidewalks
Article 16-2. Public Rights-of-Way
Article 16-3. Utilities Construction
Article 16-4. Street Numbering and Naming
Article 16-5. Utilities
Article 16-6. Municipal Buildings
Article 16-7. Trash Collection
Article 16-8. Street Specifications
Article 16-9. Historical Sites
Article 16-10. Rates and Charges
Article 16-11. Mandatory Water and Sewer Connection
Article 16-12. Sewer Tap Program
Article 16-13. City Urban Runoff Drainage Ordinance
Article 16-14. Utility Service Connection Ordinance of 1984
Article 16-15. Public Sewers
Article 16-16. Reserved (Ord. 1268, 2000)
Article 16-17. Storm Water Quality
Article 16-18. Maintenance of and Access to Fire Hydrants, Manholes and Meters
Article 16-19. Public Right of Way Standards and Specifications
Article 16-20. Water Activity Enterprise
Article 16-21. Watershed Protection
Article 16-22. Acquisition of Real Property Remainders
Article 16-23. Mandatory Water Restrictions
Article 16-24. Waste of Water Prohibited
Article 16-25. Competitive Cable Franchise Application Requirements
Article 16-26. City-Owned Kiosks
Article 16-27. Cross-Connection Control Program