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Code Enforcement

Reports are being processed. The city will take action once conditions surrounding COVID-19 allow.

Neighborhood Services handles enforcement of the Municipal Code that relates to health, safety, property maintenance, and public nuisances within the city.

Our focus is to develop solutions that provide a positive and lasting effect to promote the public's confidence in the vitality of our city and to make Northglenn place where residents, visitors and entrepreneurs will want to invest time, effort and resources.

Report a Violation
All reports are responded to promptly, generally within 24 hours.

This is how a case is typically handled by the city:

call        Resident makes a complaint or the officer observes the violation
boook   Complaint is logged and given a case number
user   The officer is assigned the case
house   An inspection is typically conducted within 24 hours
pen   If a violation is found, the officer issues a Notice of Violation
house   At the expiration of the Notice of Violation, the property is re-inspected.
building-2   If the violation remains, further enforcement may result in summons, show cause hearing, abatement or citation
trees   In the end, the results benefit the neighborhood. 

Receive a Notice
If you have received a notice and have any concerns, please contact your ward officer shown below:

Related Information

303.280.7876 for questions, concerns or to report a code violation.

303.252.3849 to report graffiti.