Industrial Pretreatment

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Industrial Pretreatment

The city, state and United State Environmental Protection Agency maintain an industrial pretreatment program as required by the Clean Water Act.

The Northglenn Wastewater Treatment Facility discharges to public waters within our state. As a “direct discharger” to these waters, the city must meet the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), an aspect of the Clean Water Act. The state of Colorado has issued Northglenn an NPDES permit that contains water quality limits which the city must meet to keep our state waters clean.

Rather than discharging to waters of the state, your business discharges to the city's “Publicly Owned Treatment Works” (POTW). This classifies you as an “indirect discharger.” As such, you are subject to the regulations and requirements of our Industrial Pretreatment Program.

The purpose of the Industrial Pretreatment Program is to ensure that the city can meet the requirements set forth by our NPDES permit. The city's treatment facility can only do so much. If there are too many pollutants in the water or those pollutants interfere with the treatment processes, the treatment plant may become overloaded and the city may not be able to meet its permit requirements. Therefore, the pretreatment program sets forth standards and guidelines that businesses must meet to avoid problems at our treatment facility.

Your Responsibilities

Wastewater Questionnaires
As a business owner within the city, you may be required to fill out a wastewater questionnaire either at the time of business startup or at a later date. This is the simplest way for the city to initially assess the nature of your wastewater. An additional questionnaire may be required based on the information provided.

Pretreatment Inspections
Some business practices are expected to be subject to the pretreatment program (metal platers, dairies, etc.). In these cases, inspection of your premises will be forthcoming. It is also possible that a wastewater questionnaire may trigger an on-site inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to assess the quality, strength, and quantity of wastewater that your business generates.

Pretreatment Permits

If conditions warrant, the city may issue your business a discharge permit. This permit will serve as a framework under which your business may discharge wastewater to the city's Wastewater Treatment Facility. It may contain any or all of the following:

• General requirements
• Specific requirements
• Monitoring requirements
• Reporting requirements
• Compliance schedules

Certain “one time” disposal practices may warrant the issuance of temporary permits. Please contact us if you would like to conduct a non-routine disposal procedure that you think may cause problems to the city's publicly-owned treatment works or may not be allowed under local code or national pretreatment standards.

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