Complaints and Commendations

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Complaints and Commendations

Establishment of procedures for investigating complaints and allegations of employee misconduct is crucial to demonstrate and protect the Northglenn Police Department’s integrity. This agency shall accept and investigate fairly and impartially all complaints of employee conduct to determine the validity of allegations and to impose any disciplinary actions that may be justified in a timely and consistent manner.

Any individual may make a complaint either by telephone, in writing or in person. The complainant may choose to identify himself or herself or remain anonymous.

A complaint may be submitted to any member of the Northglenn Police Department, but all complaints are forwarded to the accused member’s supervisor or to a supervisor of equal or higher rank. The supervisor will make a written report of the complaint.

A through investigation will be conducted of the events surrounding the incident in question.

Summary of Complaints Procedure

1. A supervisor will take the complaint and initiate an investigation.
2. The complaint will be thoroughly investigated.
3. The complainant will be notified of the results of the investigation.

The disposition of complaints are classified as follows:

Unfounded: The incident did not happen or did not involve a member of the Northglenn Police Department.

Not Sustained: There is insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the complaint.

Sustained: The allegation of misconduct is true.

Exonerated: The incident happened, but the member acted lawfully and properly.

Sustained Misconduct not Based on Complaint: The complaint may or may not be supported by evidence, but other misconduct not alleged in the complaint was discovered during the investigation.

Policy Failure: The incident may or may not have occurred but the investigation disclosed faulty policies, procedures or rules.

There are five types of discipline that may be administered to Police Department members:

Training or Counseling: To correct and improve employee performance.

Reprimand: A written statement warning an employee of the consequences of future misconduct of a similar nature.

Suspension: Suspension from duty without pay for up to thirty days.

Demotion: A change to a position of lesser responsibility and salary.

Dismissal: Termination of employment from the Police Department.

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