Focus on Busy Streets When Clearing Snow

8" Required to Plow Residential Streets

Snow Plow Priority Map Northglenn
When snowstorms hit, the city first clears snow from roads that receive the most traffic before moving on to other streets. If a major storm is in the forecast, the city will pretreat major streets, overpasses, hills and intersections to prevent ice build up.

• First Priority: Main streets. All lanes are plowed in each direction. Examples are 104th Ave., 120th Ave., Huron St. and Washington St.

• Second Priority: School zones and streets motorists typically use to reach main streets. Examples are Claude Ct., Fox Run Pkwy. and Pecos St. One lane is plowed in each direction.

• Third Priority: Residential streets that connect with first priority or second priority roads. One lane is plowed in each direction.

• Fourth Priority: Residential streets with the lightest traffic. They are plowed only if snow levels reach 8 inches, and then a single lane will be plowed down the middle of the street.

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