Wastewater Treatment Plant Enhancements

Prolongs Life of Needed Facility

The city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is nine miles away in Weld County.

This means that wastewater, or water that is used for any purpose such as bathing, laundry or flushing, is pumped nine miles before it can be treated and returned to the earth.

The process from your home or business to the treatment plant is complicated and includes a series of pumps and lift stations before it reaches the plant for treatment and disinfection. This complex system requires periodic upgrades to treat wastewater in accordance with federal standards.

Extensive work is currently in process at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, an aging facility. In 2017, $13 million was spent on construction at the plant, and $29-$32 million will be invested from 2019-21.

This construction is essential if we are to continue to provide residents with reliable wastewater service. 

Public Works Director David Willett describes it this way: “Northglenn will continue to offer the best wastewater service at the lowest possible cost. Construction at the Wastewater Treatment Plant is planned over the next 10 years. We plan ahead and know what we need. Current construction will help to assure a fully functioning wastewater system for many years.”

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