Options Available for Disposing Freon Appliances

City's Sanitation Division no longer takes these items.

Looking to dispose of an appliance with Freon, such as a refrigerator, freezer or air conditioner?

Please have them picked up by an expert who understands how to safely remove the Freon and properly handle the appliance.

Some options include:
- Complete Recycling, 720-219-9604. Will pick up for a fee.
- ARCA, 877-341-2309, 5750 E. 58th Ave., Commerce City. No charge to drop off.
- Xcel Energy, 866-552-8755. Receive a rebate, but the fridge must still be working.

The city does not dispose of appliances with Freon.

For disposal information on other large and irregular items, please go to northglenn.org/altwaste or call 303-450-4004.

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