Event Sponsorships

Event Sponsorships

The City of Northglenn has a number of events and programs for the local community, ranging from small community events to large multi-day festivals. Local business has always supported the events we plan but with our new sponsor program local businesses can get more opportunity at a better value. The new sponsorship program is an extraordinary opportunity to put your name in front of local events throughout the year.
In this new program we have grouped like sized events together so that you can market more consistently throughout the year to a larger and more diverse audience. Packages were developed to offer partners:
Awareness and contact to a large target audience
Visibility throughout the events we plan and marketing we do
Diversifying and educating our partners about our many opportunities
Ability to build image awareness of products and services

Sponsor benefits vary depending on package. There are many benefits available, including these and many more:
• Your logo on posters or fliers
• Your organization's banner displayed at the event
• Mention in city publications
• Verbal recognition at the event
• Booth space to promote your business

Sponsorship packages can vary and be tailored to meet your needs and marketing objectives.

Below is a list of the New Sponsorship Packages. Click Here to view the full packet for event information and benefits. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Ashley Garst, Event Coordinator, at 303-450-8935 or agarst@northglenn.org.

Thank you for supporting Northglenn!

*Packages are listed in the order they appear in the packet. If you are interested in events from different packages we can build you a custom package to meet your marketing needs. Or if you are working with a set budget we can help find a good fit for you. Please contact Ashley directly.*

Outreach Partner - $200
Support city programs that relay on local volunteers and give back to our residents! These programs make Northglenn a more beautiful, happy, accessible place to be.

Northglenn’s 4 festivals draw thousands of people from the Denver Metro Area.
Sponsor all 4 Festivals - $3,000
Sponsor Individual Festival - $800

Small Community Events
8 events for less than 500 people, less than 5 hours long.
Sponsor all 8 events - $1,000
Sponsor Individual Small Event - $150

Large Community Events
3 events for more than 700 people.
Sponsor all 3 events - $1,350
Sponsor Individual Large Event - $500

COMMUNITY Combo when you sponsor all 11 events (8 small & 3 large Community Events) for $2,200!

Theatre Productions
3 Theatre seasons housed in the DL Parsons Theatre.
Sponsor all 3 programs - $1,200

Series Events
5 different event series happening over multiple, non-consecutive dates.
Sponsor all 5 series - $1,400

CULTURAL Combo when you sponsor all Theatre and series events (8 programs) for $2,500!

Be a COMMUNITY PARTNER when you sponsor all 15 Community Events and Festivals for $4,500! Reach over 110,000 people.

Be a Northglenn Champion when you sponsor all programs, theatre and series productions, Festivals and Community events for $7,000! Reach over 200,000 people.

Click Here to view the full packet for event information and benefits. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Ashley Garst at 303-450-8935 or agarst@northglenn.org.

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