Special Pick-Up

Contact Information: 

Call 303-450-4004 to schedule a special pick-up.

The city will come by on your regular trash day to make the special pick-up.

Special Pick-Up

What is a Special Pick-Up?

If you have a lot of large items that cannot fit in a trash cart, such as furniture, appliances or lawnmowers, the city will come by on your regular trash day and collect those items.

You can have up to 10 items per pick-up.

How Do I Schedule a Special Pick-Up?

Call 303-450-4004 no later than 2:30 p.m. one business day prior to your collection day.

Please make sure that you have an itemized list of the items you would like picked up. Crews will ONLY pick up what is on the special pick-up ticket.

Is There Anything You Won't Collect as Part of a Special Pick-Up?

The following items will not be collected with a special pick up:
• Trash bags
• Carpeting/Rugs
• Fencing material
• Electronics
• Concrete
• Boxes
Tree branches and yard waste
• Construction material
• Oil
• Antifreeze
• Hot Tubs
• Pianos or Organs
• Camper Shells
• Appliances With Freon


Residents may have two FREE special pick-ups per calendar year. Additional special pick-ups are $100.

Customers are limited to one kind of major appliance per year (i.e. one stove, one washing machine, etc.). Additional appliances collected above this limit are charged $65 each.

Tires must be removed from the rim and the cost varies by size of the tire. Fees for tire pick-up are:
• $2 for each car-sized tire
• $5 for each truck-sized tire
• $10 for any other size

Any charges for a special pick-up will appear on your trash bill.

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