Development Review Process

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Planning Division
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Northglenn City Hall
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Development Review Process

All new construction or redevelopment of 50 percent of an existing structure must go through the city's Development Review Process.

Step 1

Contact a representative of the Planning and Development Department. Depending on the nature of your proposed project or activity, various levels of review and permitting may be required. Your initial contact with a staff member will help determine if submittal to the city’s Development Review Committee (DRC) is required for your proposed project.

Step 2

Preliminary Development Review

After the first discussion with a representative from Planning and Development, applicants that require some level of review are encouraged to visit with the DRC for preliminary review. The DRC meets weekly on Thursdays at 10 a.m. They maintain a series of 20-minute meeting slots for potential applicants to discuss their proposed projects. This preliminary review often exposes potential issues that may delay the formal review process. Your Planning and Development Department contact will guide you through outlining a series of informational items and materials that will help the preliminary DRC discussion. The city encourages potential applicants to maintain close communication with their Planning and Development contact and members of the DRC throughout the preliminary development review process. The aim is to clarify as many issues, requirements and standards as possible before entering into formal development review.

Step 3

Development Review

In accordance with Article 11-6.5-4 – Procedures for Review of the Northglenn Zoning Ordinance – upon receipt of a complete final development application and final development plan, the DRC will review the plan and submit comments to the applicant. The review period cycle lasts four weeks. At the end of the four-week cycle, a representative of the DRC will provide a formal list of comments to the applicant. If adjustments are needed, the applicant must submit the revised plans and the four-week cycle begins again. DRC-stamped and approved plans are required to request related permits from the city’s Building Division.

Fee Schedule

• 0 to 5 acres in size: $500
• More than 5 acres in size: $750

Planned Unit development
• 0 to 5 acres in size: $700
• More than 5 acres in size: $900

Board of Adjustment
• Variance: $250
• Appeal: $25

• Street rights-of-way and easements: $500

Staff review
• New development and redevelopment: $500

Revocable license fee
• Fences and signs: $250

Subdivision review
• $50

City of Northglenn
11701 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, CO 80233