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Welcome to the New City of Northglenn Website

And we really mean new.

This isn't the same site as before, just with a new look.

It would have been easy to simply transfer the content over and call it good. But that wouldn't have really helped you.

We want visitors to be able to find the information that they need on our site as quickly as possible, whether its to find your council member's phone number or buy tickets to the latest Northglenn Players production. 

That meant taking the following steps:

  • Redesigning the information architecture on the site - or how pages are connected together. We paid special attention to what the most popular pages and tasks are on the site.
  • Featuring the most popular and important information first on our home page. We’ve even given economic development and our events their own mini-site within the system.
  • Deciding which pages needed to be deleted, which needed to be added, and what sites we needed to link to. For example, we deleted our carbon monoxide detector page because, frankly, you wouldn't come to the city website for that information. Conversely, you may come to our website for the fire department, driver’s licenses and wedding certificates. We don't provide those services, but we set up links to the sites that do. And we've added a ton of information that you want to know about. City projects. Fitness classes. Plenty of Frequently Asked Question pages.
  • Rewriting every single page. We've tried to format the pages so all the most important information is at the top. The content has large headers so you know what you're reading and can skim through pages quickly and efficiently.
  • Incorporating links and buttons to all our apps, especially Access Northglenn, our new consumer report management system, and RecTrac, our recreation registration app.
  • Utilizing a Google-based search engine and a translator tool that converts the site's content to dozens of languages.

And then there's the look.

A website is the front door of any community, so we wanted to put our best foot forward. We've put a great effort into obtaining the best possible photos of Northglenn, but we know that will be an ongoing journey. The site's responsive format allows people to enjoy the same experience whether they're on a smartphone or looking at a 30-inch monitor. The site has also been designed to follow the city’s brand standards, so you’ll immediately see similarities between the site and the Connection, for example.

But just know that this site will NEVER be a finished product. In addition to constant content and photo loading and updating, we have some new features we'll be rolling out in the next few months. And we will always be on the lookout for new techniques and tools that will help us accomplish our goal of providing a site that viewers find visually appealing and where information can be found quickly.