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Neighborhood Services Handles Code Enforcement in Northglenn

Goal is to Keep Northglenn Parks, Trails, Businesses and Homes Beautiful

In Northglenn, Neighborhood Services is code enforcement.

The Neighborhood Services Division handles the enforcement of the city’s Municipal Code that relates to health, safety, property maintenance and public nuisances on private property.

This could include litter, graffiti, weeds and more. (See list of top code enforcement violations, below.)

Neighborhood Service Officers drive around neighborhoods or respond to reports of potential violations. 

If an officer sees a violation on private property, they will leave a notice on the front door. This notice is simply a warning. It is not a citation, a summons and complaint, and definitely not a fine. The notice only states the issue and how long the property owner has to correct the problem. 

(Almost 90 percent of the notices are fixed quickly by residents – thank you Northglenn!)

If you receive a notice and either don’t understand the issue or cannot fix the problem in time, please call Neighborhood Services at 303.280.7876. That way, we can work together to find a solution that works for you, the city and the neighborhood.

The goal of Neighborhood Services is to keep our parks, trails, businesses and homes beautiful.

If you have any questions about the Neighborhood Services Division, please call 303.280.7876.

Top 10 Code Violations
  • Litter on public property
  • Grass taller than 8 inches
  • Illegal vehicles: All cars parked in view of the public, including the driveway or street, must be generally intact, operable and have current license plates.
  • Overhanging trees and shrubs: Overhanging tree branches must be at least 14 feet above the street and 8 feet above a public sidewalk. Also, trees and branches can’t block the view of a traffic sign or signal.
  • Properties that are not substantially weed-free
  • Graffiti
  • Dead or diseased trees and shrubs
  • Snow and ice on sidewalks: Sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice 48 hours after the stop of snowfall. If the ice or packed snow cannot be removed without damage, sand or salt must be put down.
  • Lack of residential landscaping
  • Vehicles not parked on an approved surface such as a full cement or brick pad.

Who to Call?

Although you might think of contacting Neighborhood Services for these issues, they’re actually handled by someone else:
  • Animal control – Call the Police Department at 303.288.1535
  • Illegal vehicles parked on the street (not private property) – Call the police at 303.288.1535
  • Wild animals – Call Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 303.291.7227
Report Graffiti Immediately
If you see graffiti in Northglenn, call 303.252.3849 IMMEDIATELY! That’s whether the graffiti is on public property or not. The sooner graffiti is washed off, the less likely that location will be vandalized again.