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Safety Sensitive Zones

New Ordinance to Encourage Following Posted Speed Limits
City Council approved a new ordinance for Safety Sensitive Zones. The new law is in response to resident complaints about speeding in residential areas.

  • Four zones will go in to effect on June 1 in areas with significant vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic where speeding is an issue.
  • Like school and construction zones, fines for speeding tickets will be doubled in these areas.
  • The law takes effect in that area as soon as signs are posted.
  • Postcards about new zones will be mailed to residents in the nearby vicinity when signs are placed.
  • The ordinance works in conjunction with city’s current programs to prevent speeding:
    • Police Department Traffic Unit
    • Traffic Calming Policy
    • No Need for Speed
The zone locations are:
  • Ward 1 – Fox Run Parkway from roughly North Park to South Park (speeding, Connect Northglenn improvement not yet implemented)
  • Ward 2 – Irma Drive from south of Fowler Drive to E. 115th Avenue
  • Ward 3 – Community Center Drive from the SCL Health entrance to the Boondocks parking lot (cyclist/pedestrian interaction)
  • Ward 4 – Melody Drive near Northglenn High School (used by students, existing traffic calming measures through Connect Northglenn)
Northglenn Safety Sensitive Zone Map

Read the Council memo for more information.
Read more about traffic calming or the No Need for Speed program.