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Report Graffiti to City as Soon as Possible

Call 303.252.3849 to Reach Northglenn's Graffiti Hotline

As the weather starts to warm up, the city notices an increase in graffiti reports. 

Graffiti is the most common type of vandalism in the country and nationally costs an average of $13 billion a year to clean, according to the Department of Justice. 

If you spot graffiti in the city, please call the Graffiti Hotline immediately at 303.252.3849. 

Quick removal sends a message that graffiti will not be tolerated and breaks the communication chain. The longer graffiti is allowed to remain, the greater the chance of reoccurrence and the risk of other forms of crime and violence increases.

Ordinance 9-11-25.5 (b) allows owners 24 hours to remove graffiti from their property. 

The city can assist residents and business owners combat graffiti through the Uniting Northglenn Together Against Graffiti (U.N.T.A.G.) program.

If your property is vandalized by graffiti, the city can meet with you to discuss removal options. 

Another focus of U.N.T.A.G. is to reach out to Northglenn youth with a positive message about their role in the community while teaching respect for other people's property.

To learn more about U.N.T.A.G. call 303.252.3849.

104 - Total clean up hours of graffiti by city staff in 2017.

$3,015.32 - 
Cost of the cleaning supplies used. 

2017 - Graffiti Cases 
  •  Ward 1: 22
  • Ward 2: 35
  • Ward 3: 35
  • Ward 4: 24
Total - 116