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Settlement Reached on 2017 Officer Involved Shooting

The City of Northglenn received a public records request regarding a recent settlement agreement. The city believes transparency is good public policy and therefore we  also want to share the information with our community.

In December of 2017, there was a police-involved shooting in the City of Northglenn. One person was killed and another paralyzed. An outside investigation determined that the officers’ actions were not criminal, however, a civil lawsuit was filed against the City of Northglenn. The city is insured (with a $100,000 deductible) and the matter was handled by outside attorneys retained by the city’s insurer. City elected officials and staff leadership agreed that a public trial would prolong the tragedy and serve no one well, especially the injured party facing significant medical needs and costs. In the best interest of all affected -- our community, the families involved and their loved ones, our city and police department -- a settlement agreement for $8.75 million was reached in late December. We were unable to discuss this matter due to the extended investigation and litigation; now that it is concluded we are sharing the information with the residents of Northglenn.

 “This is a tragic incident – a shooting, resulting in severe injury to a young woman and loss of life is never the outcome we hope for,” said Northglenn Police Department Chief Jim May. “Our hearts go out to the families, friends and all those associated or involved in this incident. My sincere hope is this offers some closure and supports the healing process for us all.”

Background information

In the early morning hours of December 13, 2017 officers with the Northglenn Police Department attempted to make contact with occupants of a stolen motor vehicle in the 10400 block of Franklin Way. The driver, Jeremy Patscheck, was asked to comply with instructions. Officers perceived that Mr. Patscheck drove in reverse toward officers and in response fired shots. Mr. Patscheck was pronounced dead at the scene and the passenger, Serina Minella, sustained severe injury.

Officers were placed on paid administrative leave immediately following the incident.

The 17th Judicial District Critical Incident Investigation Team (CIIT) was activated to conduct a full investigation of the officer involved shooting.

On April 17, 2018 the findings from the CIIT’s investigation were released. Per District Attorney Dave Young, “Applying the facts of this incident to the applicable law, the evidence does not support the filing of any criminal charges…”

A settlement agreement with the families was reached in late December 2019 and included a confidentiality clause. A journalist submitted a Colorado open records request for the information. Technically the information was not required to be released because it was handled by outside attorneys and insurers. However, the city decided transparency is good public policy and made the information available to the journalist and also posted a statement on the City of Northglenn website and social media channels.

If you would like additional information please contact Diana Wilson, Director of Communications, 303-450-8713 or