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City Adopts Energy Action Plan

Northglenn has developed a community-wide Energy Action Plan in collaboration with Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy! 

Partners in Energy is a two-year process of identifying energy and sustainability goals and implementing actions to achieve those goals. Northglenn kicked off the planning process in early May with a diverse group of stakeholders made up of local business representatives, residents and city officials. They held four additional workshops over a six-month period to develop the Energy Action Plan, including an energy vision, goals, and actionable strategies that residents and businesses can take part in. 

The Energy Action Plan identifies energy savings across the residential, commercial and small business, city facilities, and renewable energy focus areas with goals and strategies determined for each (see table).  

As a Northglenn resident, you can help the city achieve its energy goals by taking advantage of the many offerings available to reduce your energy bills and improve your energy efficiency! 

Residents can get a Home Energy Squad® visit! For $50, Home Energy Squad provides residents with an energy assessment, recommended efficiency improvements and free equipment installations such as LED bulbs, weather stripping, and a programmable thermostat, all valued at $200. Upgrade to Home Energy Squad Plus and receive a blower door test and infrared analysis to check for sources of energy leaks. To learn more or schedule your visit, go to

The vision, goals and strategies of the Energy Action Plan are outlined below. Go to to see the entire document.

Energy Action Plan Goals and Strategies

  • Connect with 7,000 residents to double participation in Xcel Energy programs over 2017 in the next year.
  • Achieve community-wide residential energy savings of 1% annually over 2017 for the next three years.
  • Launch a communications campaign. 

City Facilities
  • Reduce average municipal facility energy use intensity (EUI)* by 5% in the next three years. (*EUI is an energy measure based on the energy per square foot of a building.)
  • Increase employee education and awareness of facility energy projects.
  • Create energy teams in city departments to champion energy efforts at work and at home.
  • Update facilities with high-efficiency equipment.
  • Benchmark key facilities to monitor and track energy performance.

Renewable Energy
  • Add 250 kW of renewable energy by 2025.
  • Raise awareness about renewable energy options across all sectors.
  • Explore partnerships with other north metro area cities.